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Saudi King May Have Done Waldorf Guests a Favor By Kicking Them Out

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December 14, 2010 at 2:38 PM | by | Comments (0)

Really, you are sad over this?

Joe Sharkey of the NY Times reported yesterday that some guests at the Waldorf-Astoria were denied their hotel room reservation because King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia had taken over the hotel at the last-minute. Naturally, the guests were all bent out of sorts. But should they have been? Sharkey reports:

The Morgans had planned for a festive family gathering in New York, making their reservations last summer for four rooms, including three suites, starting two days before Thanksgiving, on Nov. 23. Mrs. Morgan, who lives in Seattle, said that she and her husband learned only by chance that the rooms were not available when her husband called to make a last-minute change.

Instead the hotel offered them a room (with a free night's stay) at the nearby Hilton New York. But this made the Morgans sad because the Waldorf was to have been the highlight of their trip. Mrs. Morgan even complained that there were "people in the elevators at the Hilton carrying pizza boxes."

And the Morgans were not the only ones. Sharkey reports that as many as 100 guests were turned away because of the King and his entourage. We're not sure they all got walked to the Hilton but if they did, we think the King did them a favor.

As regular readers of HotelChatter will know, we are not fans of the Waldorf. Yes, we love the hotel's history and architecture but staying here as a modern-day hotel guest is not fun. (Check out Myra Ellen's review.) The dark and dank rooms are in desperate need of an upgrade and the hotel is such a tourist-trap that the constantly revolving doors of the entrance makes it feel like rush hour every hour at the hotel. Not to mention, the hotel may have bed bugs.

Meanwhile, the rooms at the Hilton New York are considerably more modern with plenty of lighting. (Click on the king bed link here to see what we mean.) Admittedly, some rooms are nicer and newer than the others so if you plan on staying here ask for a newer room.

The hotel is still a large property which means it's bound to be crazy at the ground level but at least it has the space to accommodate the many comings and goings. And hey, the guests managed to get a free stay from Hilton.

Ok, so the Morgans have stayed at the Waldorf over Thanksgiving for nearly 30 years and they are mad that their loyalty essentially means nothing. But hopefully, they have realized that the Waldorf is not the end-all, be-all in NYC. There are many new hotels to try. Why we have a perfect list right here!

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