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10 Holiday Gift Ideas For The Hotel Lover in Your Life

December 13, 2010 at 12:20 PM | by | ()

You've got 12 days until Christmas and if you're still struggling to find the perfect gift for the hotel lover in your life, we've got some good gift ideas for you. Once again, we've gone through some of our favorite hotel products from the past year and picked out the ones we'd like to receive er, we think would make great gifts--whether for stocking stuffers or to open on Christmas morn. So let's get shopping!

1. Keychains from "Hotel" Marc: : We kicked off 2010 coveting, and eventually owning, these Hotel Marc keychains from fashion designer Marc Jacobs. Sadly, there is no Hotel Marc...yet but with the proliferation of fashion hotels these days, we don't think Hotel MJ is far behind. Until then, you can buy leather versions for just $13. You can choose from the script lettering or the bolder print. Both keyrings say "Since 1984" on the back.
Where to Buy: MarcJacobs.com.

2. A Consultation with The Points Guy: Brian Kelly, aka, The Points Guy is one of our favorite discoveries of 2010. Not only is he telling us how to get the most out of our credit card points, frequent flyer programs and hotel loyalty points but he's also combing deals from all over the internet and spreading the word on Twitter. So why not spread the love and gift one of your nearest and dearest with Brian's one-on-one consulting service.
Where to Buy: Reach out to Brian for a quote on your gift as consult fees vary depending on what your giftee wants to do/go.

3. Morgans Hotel T-shirt: Morgans Hotels unveiled the cutest t-shirts for both men and women just in time for the holidays. These shirts are $25 a pop and are being sold in the guestrooms at Morgans Hotels. So while you're enjoying the holidays in a hotel, you can even get some last-minute shopping done.
Where to Buy: Inside your Morgans Hotel room.

4. The Westin's Signature Scent: Many people might find the smells that greet them in certain hotel lobbies too much to bear. But actually quite a lot of people want to take that smell home with them. If you're a fan of the Westin's White Tea scent, you can pump it through your home year-round with a ScentWave machine for $139.99. You can also opt to become a member of their 12 Month Westin White Tea Scent Club where in addition to the ScentWave system, you will receive a new White Tea by Westin scent cartridge delivered to your door every 30 days for 12 months.
Where to Buy: Westin at Home

5. Beverly Hills Hotel Surfboard: Sure, you could give someone with a three-night at the Pink Palace aka The Beverly Hills Hotel but why not get them something they could use over and over...or at least prop up in their office/living room/guesthouse? That's right. We're digging this $1,695.00 six-foot surfboard as an over-the-top gift for a very special person in your life. (Maybe us?) The underside of the board features green and white piping while the top of the board has the hotel's signature leaf print (found on the walls in the hotel) as well as the BHH crest.
Where to Buy: Beverly Hills Hotel Signature Shop

6. A Photo Session at the 21 Century Museum Hotel: Quite a few hotels offer photoshoots for their guests, ranging from portrait shots to a recreation of Hollywood Glamour shots (at the Peninsula Beverly Hills) but at the 21 Century Museum Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky you can get a photoshoot done featuring some of the wild art that the hotel is known to feature, including those red penguins. Photographer Josh Merideth of Bella Grace Studios will shoot two rolls of film with his vintage Leica camera wherever you like--in the hotel or around town. The photos are then artfully packaged in a handmade letter-pressed box. This is also perfect for any marriage proposals some of you may be planning in the new year.
Where to Buy: The $275 photoshoot can be purchased at the Shop@21C.

7. Hotel Bathrobes: The Jersey Shore guys may have "T-shirt Time" but we have Bathrobe Time every night and by night we mean from 5pm on. In fact, we're currently using a hooded bathrobe from The Phoenician resort in Scottsdale that was handed down to us from our dad like five years ago. So yes, we're due for a new hotel bathrobe. But which one will we choose? We're loving the Hotel Missoni robes but we're also coveting the plus DVF ones at Claridge's and the sweatshirt robes from the Ace New York.
Where to Buy: Fortunately, almost all hotels sell their bathrobes to guests and non-guests alike. All you have to do is call the hotel and ask. (And pay for shipping of course.) Robes generally start at $100 and go up from there.

8. Standard Blankets: Another way to wrap yourself up in your favorite hotel? Blankets! Standard Hotels have just released two blankies this season. Each one is made at the Pendleton mills in Oregon, and part of a limited edition of 40 for each style. The orange and grey design pictured in the room above was designed by Chris Johanson for the Standard-Downtown LA, while the black and baby blue one comes from the mind of artist Geoff McFetridge, for the Standard-Hollywood. Don't feel like going the blankie route? You can do board shorts and bikinis, scarves and way more.
Where to Buy: At the Standard Shop. The blankets are $280 for the queen-size and $340 for the king-sized.

9. Sleeping Bags from the Zetter: Not only are these sleeping bags, otherwise called tote bags, totally cute, they are actually constructed from recycled linen from luxury hotels in London. Then they were prettied up by London designers such as Vicki Murdoch, Sir John Hegarty, Tom Dixon and Oonagh O’Hagan. The plan is to bring two collections out a year, both of which will be bed-themed. Now, we have to be honest, the bags won't arrive until the start of the year so you won't have anything to present on Christmas Day but we think that just knowing you placed an order, should excite your giftee.
Where to Buy: The sleeping bags cost 30 quid at LostValues.com

10. Hotel Gift Cards: Hotel Gift Cards are the easiest gift to give and you can even buy some of them from your local supermarket. The question is how much do you want to spend? We say give them enough for at least one night at whichever brand you are gifting. So with an Best Western gift card you could probably do about $75. With Fairmont Hotels or Mandarin Oriental, $400 is best. Just be sure to read the fine print on the gift cards regarding certain fees.
Where to Buy: Direct from the hotel, their websites or even at your grocery store.

Need more hotel gift ideas? Peruse our past coverage of Hotel Swag

Archived Comments:

i want

the louisville photoshoot and a kimpton bathrobe. did you hear that mother?

Surfboard and The Points Guy!

I want the surfboard but I would only prop it up in my daytime office of my mansion. (I have a daytime office and a nighttime office in my mansion, they have different views and the nightime office has a desk that is also a bed.)

But I would also take a Points Guy consultation. I have so many points scattered all over, I'd like to see what he could put together!

I'd also like a nanny and a wet nurse for 2011 but that's another story.

MJ keychain

Um, I already bought myself the Morgans t-shirt from Clift (gifts for self: totally acceptable, right?).

Otherwise, it's not like me to opt for the most affordable item on the page, but the Hotel Marc keychain is my pick. If Marc actually opened a hotel that would be the bestest gift ever!

Thoughts on #10...

While a gift card for a night's stay is best if it's an out-of-the-blue gift, if you know someone likes a particular hotel and stays there anyway, a smaller gift card might encourage them to get a spa treatment, or a better bottle of wine at dinner, or something from the gift shop for their thoughtful friend.

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