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And Now There Will Be a TV Show About Andre Balazs

November 9, 2010 at 8:40 AM | by | ()

As if it wasn't already bad interesting enough that hottie hotelier Andre Balazs would be bringing galpal Courtney Love with him to London as he starts to work on his two new hotels there, we're now seeing reports that he may be headed to the small screen.

Contact Music has this little report on Andre's new TV project.

The tycoon has teamed up with writer Alex Keshishian to develop the untitled project.

He says, "It's a scripted show loosely based on hotel life in general. He's writing it and producing it. It's in it's early stage. It's not a reality (TV) show. It's a serious endeavour."

Phew, because we all know how badly hotels featured in reality TV shows end up doing. And don't forget the sitcom, Do Not Disturb, with Jerry O'Connell and Audrina Patridge (and the guy from "Modern Family"!) On the bright side, maybe Courtney is just fodder for the script. Fingers crossed.

[Photo of Standard NY television: HotelChatter; Andre in his Halloween costume: Standard Culture]

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