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Only in Beverly Hills, Does The Pet Fee Cost Nearly as Much as The Room

November 5, 2010 at 11:12 AM | by | ()

We woke up this morning and found ourselves thinking about staycationing. Gross, we know. Staycations are sooo 2009. But with temperatures topping 100 degrees in Los Angeles, we thought spending a weekend in a cool air-conditioned hotel room would be a well-deserved respite from our stuffy non-air-conditioned apartment.

And if we're going to do a staycation, we're not just going to do it anywhere. We're thinking The Beverly Hills Hotel, the famous Pink Castle on Sunset, home to countless celeb visits, parties and movie sets, where you can find the best and most expensive grilled cheese (in their basement coffee shop), get a $200 manicure/pedicure in-room and lay out by the pool while Cristiano Ronaldo outglistens you.

The only problem with this scenario is that two nights at the Beverly Hills Hotel is not exactly saving us money, although it's not as bad as we initially expected.

We found rates of $390 a night on the hotel's website for a superior room next weekend (11/12-11/14.) This category is actually listed after the deluxe guestrooms which are going for $500 a night so remember to keep scrolling down when perusing the availability options.

Refreshingly, this price is cheaper than Expedia who is charging $475 for the same room. In total, booking through the hotel, the stay will cost you $898.56 including taxes.

Doable-ish, right? Well, not if you plan on bringing your pet. Pets cost $200 per day at the hotel. Per day! $200! And just so we're clear here--your room is $390 a night.

But $200 does get your little piggy something. Like access to the Canine Connoisseur Program which includes dog treats with their names on them, a bed, a bowl and a bunch of Beverly Hills Hotel pink tennis balls to chew on play with.

Hmm...or you can just board your dog for about $40 a day at a doggie daycare place instead.

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