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Kelly Wearstler's Favorite Hotel is Not a Viceroy (or a Tides)

Where: Paris, France
November 23, 2010 at 9:55 AM | by | ()

In perusing this month's Vanity Fair, we came across a "My Stuff" piece from one of our favorite hotel designers, Kelly Wearstler, the vision behind Viceroy Hotels and Tides Hotels.

Yet we found it very interesting that when VF prodded her for her favorite hotel, she listed neither of the hotels she's worked on or the ones that her husband, Brad Korzen owns or operates. Instead, her favorite hotel is:

Hotel de Crillon in Paris!

Well, we can't really blame her as Hotel De Crillon is a creme de la creme luxury hotel at the Place de la Concorde where rooms start around $1,000 a night and no one but hotel guests can get past the guards in the lobby (We found that out first hand a few years ago.)

And yes, the Viceroy and Tides hotels still get their own shout-outs in "My Stuff" but we were still a little surprised she didn't list one of these as her favorites. Hopefully, that's allowed in her contract.

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I think she chose really good hotel by the way. Actually every hotel in Paris is a good one. Regards from Orly Hotels