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The James New York is a Dream...iPhone Charger

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November 23, 2010 at 8:30 AM | by | Comments (2)

Last night after a relaxing dinner with our mom (we know, "mom" and "relaxing" do not usually go together in the same sentence) we found ourselves returning to the The James New York in Soho with a little bit of dread. But it wasn't because of anything we encountered in the hotel. Rather, we had forgotten our iPhone charger and our phone had died on us.

So we hit up the concierge at the ground level to see if there was a spare iPhone charger hanging around the hotel. The concierge mused for a minute saying that she thought someone may have left one behind that we could borrow. Then suddenly, she perked up and said, "Oh wait! You can just plug your iPhone into the Dream Machine!"

That would be the Sony Dream Machine on the nightstand which the bellmen had explained to us mere hours before when we checked in.

Actually, its real name is ICF-CL75iP Multi-Function Clock Radio for iPod and you can buy it here. (For $129.99.)

It's an alarm clock, a radio, a photo and video viewer (with a 7" LCD screen) and an iPod/iPhone charger with a retractable docking tray. The clock has 1GB of built-in memory as well as inputs for camera memory cards and a USB port so you can even hook your iPad up to it.

Needless to say, this little Dream Machine was a life-saver. We're now putting this on our Christmas wish list and it wouldn't be a bad idea if other hotels did too.

Disclosure: We received a complimentary night at the James Hotel as part of gift bag swag but all views expressed here are our own.

Comments (2)

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Hmmm.. the full reveal

I've been eagerly looking for more reviews and news on The James so that I can take advantage of a great deal I saw on a room in April via a link on a luxury hotel bidding site.  But know I wonder have all of your stays/pics been because you were paid to say it is really nice?  I guess I thought this was an independent review site, well as independent as anything is nowadays.

Please tell me it isn't so and why the disclaimer HotelChatter?  Are you just now revealing you have always taken handouts, or is it something else?

We were not paid to say that.

hey there, thanks for inquiring about this. In all our recent coverage of The James, we have not been paid once to say "it's really nice." An example? Read the review from fashion designer Geren Ford who stayed there during Fashion Week on her own dime. Without the hotel knowing she would later be writing a review for us.

This complimentary stay just happened on Monday of this week and I refrained from giving a full review on the hotel here because we don't do reviews on stays that are complimentary. (For the record, the room was complimentary but I paid for all additional charges.)

However, I was genuinely impressed with the alarm clock/iPhone charger because it saved me from having a dead iPhone or from having to buy yet another new charger. And I thought that would be interesting to readers.

Lastly, about the disclosure, HotelChatter has always included disclosures about complimentary stays, which we take very infrequently. If there is no disclosure attached to a review, that means we paid for it ourselves. A lot of other sites out there do not even tell you that the stay was free. But we always want to be transparent with our readers.

Hope this helps!  And if you have any more questions about staying at the James, you can email us at tips@HotelChatter.com.

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