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Inside the Grand Hyatt Tokyo

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  Site Where: 6-10-3 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
November 2, 2010 at 4:37 PM | by | ()

Imagine for a moment that you've arrived to Tokyo, and successfully trudged your way nearly to the center of the city at the Roppongi Hills area. What's the first thing you desire, other than maybe water? A snack, okay. But truly you'll want a comfortable bed situated in a dark room, away from all the noise of the city that quickly engulfed you after stepping off the plane. That's where the Grand Hyatt Tokyo comes into play.

Yesterday we let the hotel's General Manager, Mr. Christophe Lorvo explain the highlights of his hotel, but today we're taking you inside an actual room, complete with the aforementioned bed ideal for snoring off some serious jet lag.

The very first thing a guest encounters inside a Grand Hyatt Tokyo room is a proper tea set, with all the makings for coffee or tea, but it's more there to remind you that you're in Tokyo for sure. The additional presence of a lightweight kimono robe—a yakuta—underlines this. Otherwise, you're in a pretty cozy Grand Hyatt room, which is a reassuring fact to the road-weary business travelers who just want some fast WiFi, a hot shower, and really heavy-duty blackout blinds. By the way, the WiFi here is free.

Draw those blinds and just outside you'll either have an enviable view of Tokyo Tower or Roppongi Hills' own Mori Tower. You'll get a tower either way, and a chance to these Tokyo tourist sites then without having to leave you room; for a view over the city, however, you'll have to pick one to go up. Or stay in; all hotel guests get complimentary access to the hotel's indoor pool and gym, which is nice in a city that sometimes charges extra for that stuff.

In the evening, you can see that this a hotel of 389 rooms is popular with Americans, but as we mentioned before, the locals love it just as much; the Grand Hyatt Tokyo hosts some 600 weddings per year, plus conventions and all sorts of events to fill in the gaps.

Nightly rates here are par for upscale Tokyo hotels; expect to pay between $400 (for a Grand King) and $4,200 (for the Ambassador Suite) per night, but in exchange you'll get perks like a TV in the bathroom (love those quirky Japanese shows), the free WiFi, one of the most recognized addresses in town (you'll have no problem ordering a cab to Roppongi Hills) and a pretty alright view as well.

Disclosure: HotelChatter stayed as a guest of the Grand Hyatt Tokyo but all opinions, photos and video are our own.

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