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The Secret to the W's Custom Room Scent: REVEALED!

November 15, 2010 at 8:45 AM | by | ()

Last month, we fielded a question from a reader about that signature W scent and we found that there were two scents pumped through W Hotels--a Sicilian Fig candle which can be bought from the W store and a proprietary custom room scent which no one can buy, let alone see. Except for us.

Thanks to the most amazing tipster we have this stealth snapshot of the W Room Scent No. 5 which is actually a citron scent. This is what we gather housekeeping is spritzing all over the room once they've made the beds, vacuumed the floors, wiped down the windows, replaced the towels, restocked the minibar and replenished the Bliss toiletries in the bathroom.

Again, this is not something you can buy but um, maybe you could give a housekeeper a generous tip and she will "loan" it to you?

HUGE thanks to N!

Archived Comments:

Custom scent machine?

I have actually done some research based on another post on hotelchatter.com that suggested DMX, a media service company not the rapper, supplied the scents for the W hotels. DMX, based out of Austin, TX, does business with Starwood properties. I inquired about the scents used in the hotels. From what I was told, each General Manager of the W hotels gets to choose which "scent" is placed in a scent machine. They rotate and combine scents periodically as instructed by corporate. I requested some scent samples that had citrus undertones from DMX. Sure enough, when I stayed at a Westin afterwards on business one the samples that DMX sent me was the exact same scent used in their lobby. They even sold a diffuser with the exact same scent name in the marketplace area of the lobby. The "DMX" name was not listed on the product however. So I guess this leaves this article up to debate as to whether corporate Starwood has been telling the "truth"?

DMX, not the rapper, but the scent maker?

So DMX is creating the scents? We're working on a post right now about the system that pumps the scent through the hotels but I'll follow up with DMX next week. Thanks for the tip! (Again.)