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Armani Hotels to Follow Dubai and Milan with a Paris Property

Where: Paris, France
October 8, 2010 at 11:38 AM | by | ()

The Giorgio Armani boutique on Avenue Montaigne

Fashion designer Giorgio Armani's first hotel, the Armani Hotel in the Burj Dubai building has now been open for a grand total of 6 months. So what's new? Well, obviously since they finished one, the Armani Hotel people have their eyes on the future. With the second Armani Hotel all set to open next year in Milan, they're considering what city will be bestowed with the third location. According to ArabianBusiness, that very well could be Paris.

We've known the cities in the running for Armani Hotels for some time. They include Shanghai, New York, Marrakech, London, Tokyo, and villas in Marassi, Egypt, and it looks as though they've picked Paris out of the bunch to start with a strong three: Dubai, Milan, Paris. There's no news thus far on exactly where the hotel will go in the City of Lights, since it's still in the design stage. However, with Armani's flagship boutique on the Avenue Montaigne and his big Emporio store on the Boulevard St Germain, we can guess that it won't be too far from one of these.

Giving Paris a run for its money in scoring the third hotel was New York and Marrakech. Hopefully that means sooner rather than later for an Armani Hotel NYC, because Signore Armani would then have the first fashion designer hotel in the Big Apple and that's a distinction he would drool over.

[Photo: fashiontraveler]

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