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More 'Behind the Scenes' Changes Happening at New NYC Hotels

October 7, 2010 at 9:10 AM | by | ()

Two of NYC's newest haven't even been open for a year yet they've already undergone some big management changes. First there was Fashion26 who used to be run by Wyndham but have now been taken off by Highgate Hospitality. We also hear from a super secret hotel insider that Highgate is just a temporary management company and that Fashion26's new owners are seeking to get Hilton in there instead.

Meanwhile, changes are happening at The Distrikt Hotel as well. The ownership remains the same but according to our tipster, Mode management company is out while Access Hotels and Resorts have taken over. Indeed this was confirmed in a press release yesterday. (But it's currently still linked to Choice Hotels' Ascend Collection so we're not sure if that's changing too.)

Fortunately, all these changes are very much behind the scenes and so long as the hotels continue to offer the same level of service and the same great amenities (free WiFi, cupcakes, flat-screens, great design), guests really shouldn't see any differences. But of course, if you do...let us know!

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