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Aloft Harlem's Lift Off Is Delayed Again

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  Site Where: 2300 Frederick Douglass Boulevard [map], New York, NY, United States, 10027
October 6, 2010 at 8:54 AM | by | ()

Ruh roh! Harlem, we have a problem. Well, if you consider another delay in the opening of the long-awaited Aloft Harlem a problem, that is.

Our heads would seriously spin so fast they'd fly off into outer space if we tried to recount the various opening dates this hotel has had by now. Instead, we'll just tell you that the new official opening date for Aloft Harlem is October 21.

Which--if it sticks--will mean it opens on the same day as its cousin, Aloft Brooklyn. Aww, twins!

Of course, we're going to remain cautious about this until we actually see real people sleeping in these hotels. Despite the new October 21 date, we weren't able to find a room at Aloft Harlem until November 4.

Also not boding well: there isn't even an online rezzie system up and running on the Aloft Brooklyn website yet.

According to a rep for Aloft Harlem, however, October 21st is the new new big day and when it does open, all amenities, including the gym and w xyz bar will be ready to go as well.

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Aloft Brooklyn

Opening was pushed to January last I heard.

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