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The W French Quarter Has Ghosts (And Other Things We Learned from Comments)

October 28, 2010 at 4:55 PM | by | ()

We don't like to be the only ones talking hotels here on HotelChatter but thankfully, some of our readers have been dropping in some helpful comments as of late and we thought you should see some of 'em. Wanna join the discussion? Sign up and become a member. Or use your Facebook account to log-in. And don't forget to follow HotelChatter on Twitter.

· The CEO of the new auction site ItsyBid.com is offering 10 free bids for HotelChatter Readers! Get the code here.
· Expedia's new Unpublished Rates feature is a bust in London for this guest.
· Speaking of auction sites, Off & Away has given us an update on the real cost of the suites you can win.
· Regarding the ironing board at The W French Quarter, it may have just been a housekeeping issue. BUT the hotel does have ghosts! Oooooo, maybe the ghost doesn't like ironing boards?
· No surprise: Element Hotels has another fan, especially when it comes to their healthy food options. Now about those locations.
· Um we think someone may have overdosed on sex kits or something.

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