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Here a Strike, There a Strike, Everywhere a Strike Strike

October 18, 2010 at 4:51 PM | by | ()

Hilton Hotels are under fire this week as hotel workers in three different cities staged strikes to protest increased work loads and less benefits.

The strikes occurred at Hiltons in Chicago, San Francisco and in Honolulu at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, the largest Hilton Hotel. Most workers at Hilton hotels have been working without contracts for months as they continue to negotiate fairer terms with Hilton.

According to People's World, Hilton wants to up the housekeeping room quota from 14 to 20 rooms a day as well as cut some seniority privileges and combine jobs. Wage increases and pension benefits proposed by Hilton have been deemed insufficient by employing unions.

Further angering workers is that Hilton's owners, the Blackstone Group, have been on the receiving end of taxpayer bailout money, having struck a deal with the Federal Reserve to pay back only $140 million of a $320 million debt. Oops. For now, the strikes and walkouts are over but we doubt this is the last of them.

Have you ever stayed at a hotel during a strike? How did that go? Let us know in comments below!

[Photo via People's World]

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