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The Cosmopolitan Debuts New Sexy, Strange and a Little 'Wrong' TV Commercial

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October 18, 2010 at 10:43 AM | by | ()

If you watched the season finale of "Mad Men" last night, you may have been shocked by Don's latest life decision but hotel geeks like ourselves were wondering what the heck was going on in that new ad from The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

The commercial, the upcoming hotel's first, featured a sexy sophisticated party scene that turned a little strange, featuring elevators overrun with (admittedly cute) white kittens, a bellmen carrying luggage without any pants, a fully-clothed waiter walking into the pool to deliver a drink, a cougar granny slapping some young man's behind, a gluttonous feast, S&M corsets, and even more animals-- bunnies, chicks and deers.

The 60-second spot then ends with this tagline--Just the Right Amount of Wrong.

We've watched this commercial three times and we're still trying to figure out what it means. So far, all we can come up with is that this is definitely not going to be like other Vegas resorts (cough, CityCenter, cough.) The Cosmopolitan is going after an ultra-sexy crowd who want to eat, drink, party and have staffers do whatever guests want them to do. There are no rules, no boundaries and no regrets.

While other Vegas resorts have marketed themselves as urban retreats where the Sin in Sin City didn't even have to be shown, it looks like The Cosmopolitan will be the ultimate sin den. Of course, that's just our take on it now. Anyone with more insightful ad analysis? Drop your Draperisms in comments below!

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