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Westin New York At Times Square Has Its Own iPad App

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  Site Where: 270 West 43rd Street [map], New York, NY, United States, 10036
October 15, 2010 at 9:25 AM | by | ()

It may be one of HotelChatter's 10 Ugliest Hotels Alive!, but the Westin New York Times Square is pretty on the inside! And on the iPad.

The hotel has just emerged from a four-year 'refreshment program' and part of the overhaul included putting iPads in the new Atrium Club Lounge, which is available to guests of the 126 Atrium Club Rooms. But the iPad relationship has gone to the next level, with the launch of the Westin New York at Times Square iPad App.

The move follows an iPhone app that launched last year, but we can all agree that the iPad is far superior to the iPhone when it comes to checking out full color photos--say, of the rooms at the Westin. The app also has a video that shows off the hotel, services and other local Times Square attractions.

While the hotel is excitedly telling people that it is the first U.S. hotel to have its own iPad app, and that you can even make reservations right from the app, we're not ready to give Westin a big gold star for these achievements just yet.

We liked seeing the big photos, but making reservations still had to go through Safari. Overall, it felt like a nice-looking interactive brochure. Nothing game-changing.

Kudos for having a go, Westin, but until you roll out some other features to get the geek in us excited, we're going to say that the hotel iPad game is still wide open...

Have you seen any hotel iPad apps yet? What do you think? Let us know in comments below.

Archived Comments:

Start with the basics

An iPad app is great, but how about working on basics like answering phones?  Being responsive to guests in person?  They risk developing so much in technology like this that they inherently ignore their current communication methods.  Similar to how Delta Airlines customer service is laughable in person, but they go above and beyond if you tweet their @DeltaAssist

I've stayed there every year for the past five years around Thanksgiving, and without fail it takes them 15-20 rings to answer the phone.