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Do You Like Your Hotel Room Freezing Cold or Room Temperature?

October 1, 2010 at 2:29 PM | by | ()

Ahh...just right.

The other week we tweeted about walking into a hotel room and being annoyed that the room was freezing cold which is something we often find in hotels. So we promptly turned off the fan, put on a sweater and watched the Twitter responses come in.

It turns out we might be a bunch of wussies. Several of you tweeted back that you love a cold room. Some even like it freezing cold! That we can understand if you're in the desert or a humid muggy city on a hot summer day. But a cool early fall afternoon in central California? Not necessary. We prefer the room to be room temperature please. Don't make us breakout our workout pants just to keep warm at night!

But rather have this conversation on Twitter where it will be impossible to track down six months from now, let's have an all-out forum here on HotelChatter.

Do you like your hotel room to be freezing cold or just room temperature when you walk in? Tell us your desired temperatures in comments below!

Archived Comments:

First thing I do...

is set the thing to 72 degrees -- does that make me a wuss?  If it is one of those hotels with the fan baster, I just shut it off completely.


or below!

Room temp

I want to like it cold but inevitably I wuss out and shut it off. Not soon enough recently. I blame being in and out of hotel AC (and on and off flights) for getting sick. Room temp all the way now.

Room temp

I turn it down as low as it will go

Mr. Freeze

I need it freezing! 65 is my ideal temp!  I rather be freezing then have to worry about sweating while I sleep.

Do You Like Your Hotel Room Freezing Cold or Room

ROOM TEMP please !!!! And with a window that opens!!


I love cool but not freeze :D