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From The Five Hotel in Paris Comes Hotel Le Seven

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  Site Where: 20, rue Bertholle, Paris, France, 75008
February 1, 2010 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

Last year, we stopped into a quaint little art/design hotel in Paris called The Five Hotel in the city's 5th Arrondissement. We loved the location, the hotel's individuality (no rooms are exactly alike), the seriously helpful service and the ceiling that lit up with different colored lights.

Which is why we are excited to hear that the Five Hotel's creators have another one in the works called Hotel Le Seven. However, the hotel is not in the 7th Arrondissement but rather in the Latin Quarter of the 5th, about a 10-minute walk from the Luxembourg gardens.

A tipster tipped us off to the hotel's new Facebook page where we learned that the Seven Hotel will have 28 "individually created guest rooms" but the coup de grace will be there seven suites, designed by seven different designers with different themes and interactive features. Here are the hotel's descriptions of a few of the seven suites:

* The Black Diamond Suite: Entirely black, a blend of materials, a glimmer of diamonds and mirrors in the entire suite, feel like you were in a diamond. Massaging shower and black crystal diamond cut bathtub. Black carpet with lighting from below, gold satin linen and black crystal lights affixed on walls. The dark and shimmering feel of satin and crystal activates the senses and the rest is in your hands.
* The Marie Antoinette suite: What would Marie-Antoinette’s room look like today? A large bed in padded white leather with pink glass shelves and a domed ceiling painted with a sky, from which a modern crystal chandelier, a large padded bench in the lounge, with crystal in the bathroom and pink fiberoptic lights. If you're in for eccentric luxury you're in for this suite.
* The Sublime Suite: Dedicated to women, all in the soft tones and all white like a large cloud with curves and lighting to accentuate those curves. A large round bed with little droplets of light coming down from the ceiling. A large corner tub in the bathroom and a boudoir. Now that you love her, show it to her.
* The 007 Suite: With a series of 007 gadgets and a masculine feel. An oversized TV with all the James Bond movies available to you. A 60s-70s universe with a retro feel and look. A steambath shower to relax after an intense day. It’s a mans world, live it.

So these rooms have us beyond excited and we are now eagerly anticipating the hotel's opening sometime in March 5. But if you're afraid a suite might be out of your budget range here, all guest rooms will feature suspended beds, a bathtub a foot of the floor (on clear blocks), a star-studded ceiling like the one we found at The Five and we noticed a Nespresso coffee maker in the room pics.

It sounds like Seventh Heaven to us. And indeed, that is what the hotel wants you to think. On their website, it says: "It is said it took 7 days to create the earth. Here it'll take you a lot less to get to 7th heaven."

Room rates will start at 197 Euros a night. The seven suites start at 637 Euros a night.

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Hotel Seven Paris

This new hotel that is in the making seems to be a breakthrough in the hotel business at least in Paris. I am so eager to see it finished and have a couple of nights there. Some data about this hotel are leaked through their facebook fanpage. Amazingly there are already 410 fans and the hotel is not even opened. I definitely want to see the Alice in Wonderland suite. It looks like another world, a wonderland. Stay tuned. It is coming.


J'ai tellement hate de voir cette chambre et toutes les autres surtout la suite Marie-Antoinette qui me fait déjà rever. C'est une déco complétement atypique et vraiment bien pensée. Vite vite le reste des photos!!!

WOW !!

I will defintely go this hotel.
The Five Hotel and The One was beautiful but the Seven...
The most beautiful hotels for me was in Vegas but now we can be proud of our hotels in france :))

i found the website if your are looking for it: http://www.sevenhotelparis.com

hm - looks and sounds interesting

OK I have decided, I will at least spend one weekend in this hotel. Now that has character.

Bathtub a foot off the floow

Hi Juliana,

Thanks for an amazing article! About the bathtubs being on clear plastic blocks... actually they aren't. The bathtub is just fixed on the wall. sounds scary doesn't it? Well it works and it's going to be rather different.

We may be able to post more pics next week. But no suites yet we'll leave those for last.

Stay connected here:
website: http://www.sevenhotelparis.com/
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/sevenhotelparis

So beautiful !

Opening July 2010. It would be extraordinary. I would like to stay in one of on these themed suites (black diamond).
It's possible to have some pictures on it ? I can't find on Internet. On this website, I found some beautiful pictures of it. http://www.paris-hotel-design.com


I am planning a romantic weekend in Paris for the summer, I was looking for something special...I think I just found the best place to stay!!
I visited the website, but it's difficult to choose between the suites, they all seems so special! The Alice in wonderland seems to have a lot of fantasy, the James Bond seems full of gadgets and the Marie Antoinette...so eccentric! it will be difficult to choose..but for sure I will be there :-) !!!