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Weigh In Time: Who Uses the Scales in Their Hotel Room?

January 29, 2010 at 11:18 AM | by | ()

Now you’ve had a whole month of New Year fitness diligence, let’s talk about People magazine’s favorite topic: weight! Everyone and their mom is obsessed with losing it at this time of year, so we imagine the scales of the world are getting a heavy workout. But tell us: do you weigh yourself in your hotel room?

You may have noticed that many high-end properties kindly provide a set of scales in their bathroom, although they are usually placed somewhere discreet. At the W South Beach, they were in a drawer along with the hairdryer. At Vdara in Las Vegas, they were tucked neatly under the bathroom cabinet.

We didn’t bother weighing ourselves in South Beach (not the best pre-pool scene pick-me-up), but we thought we’d give the scales a whirl when we were in Vegas this month. This, however, is what they told us …

And this was before we hit the brunch buffet at Aria!

Truth be told, we didn’t mind that the scales didn’t work—we were on vacation, after all. But our attempt made us wonder: who does weigh themselves when they check into their hotel room? Body-conscious Hollywood stars? Pro-athletes? Middle-management sales execs flying around the country subsisting on room service and airport snacks?

This isn’t a Weight Watchers meeting, so we’re not going to bully you. We’re just curious. Do you weigh yourself in hotels? Would you? Or would you be happy to see the scales replaced by another, more useful, hotel amenity?

Step right up and, um, spill your guts …

Archived Comments:


i try to weigh my bags sometimes, but not myself. verrucas!


i don't want to see a scale in my hotel bathroom unless i am staying at canyon ranch or another sort of fat camp. when i saw that one at Vdara in Vegas OF ALL PLACES i nearly cried. then i ordered room service in an act of defiance.

good idea

Weighing bags is a good way to use these. I dont have a scale at home, so sometimes I hop on at a hotel. Never good news, though.


We do have scales in our little hotel, but by the small number of comments I get a slight feeling it is not high on the traveler's priority lists to find them in a hotel room...


Yeah, I have to agree , that is the least of the things i even bother to look at when I am in the hotel room.