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'Mi Casa es Su Casa' Says Buenos Aires' Fancy New Algodon Mansion

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  Site Where: Montevideo 1647, Buenos Aires, Argentina
January 27, 2010 at 3:15 PM | by | ()

The Algodon Buenos Aires: your private dancer. Er, we mean mansion.

Joining the long lineage of estate-cum-hotels is Buenos Aires' Algodon Mansion, a 20,000 square foot property whose roots date back to 1912. The hotel, set to open in March of this year, is being described in an all too familiar manner: your home away from home (or "Your Own Private Mansion").

The hotel's "mi casa es su casa" messaging is certainly inviting, but more fantasy than reality, as these things go. Not many people have a personal butler at their beck and call 24/7, let alone a rooftop pool, baby grand pianos, suites with a view of an interior two-story waterfall, or a cognac bar with a selection of "premium handcrafted cigars" at their actual homes. That's in addition to some of the other cushy amenities we reported on last year.

We've since come across more hotel specs, photos which you can see after the jump.

There are 10 suites at the Algodon, making it fairly intimate. Just think of the other guests as distant family members you're stealthily avoiding rather than total strangers. It'll make things less awkward if you're play-acting that the Algodon truly is your estate for the duration of your stay.

As the hotel is concerned with the finer things in life, quality vino included, you can expect a bottle of private collection Algodon Wine greeting you in your suite, and wine-themed spa treatments at the on-site 95 Degree spa.

After doing a little room rate recon, our search results yielded a price of $774.40/night for the Recoleta Suite, which includes a 21% Value Added Tax, and comes with the services of the 24-hour Alfred we mentioned.

The hotel, overall, sounds muy bueno to us, but unless you belong to the socialite's class of travelers, we have to say that their offerings are a tad bit better than the 30-minute meals and tickler massages we're used to at home.

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What are the prices for this?

Room Rate

We did a little more recon work and searched for open rooms this spring. Starting rate for the Recoleta for a weekend in April: $774.40/night, with 21% VAT included.

Room Rate

Thank you ! ! !

A bit over the edge for a suite for my taste, specially if for that price you can get a 915sq feet Suite at the Faena Hotel, or a Diplomatic Suite at the Alvear Palace (that is, living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms...).