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Wrap Yourself Up in These Hotel Bathrobes

January 26, 2010 at 4:04 PM | by | ()

Yesterday we were positively salivating over the stunning bathrobes at the Hotel Missoni and we feel confident in saying that these are the prettiest hotel robes yet. But just in case we weren't jumping the gun or anything, we decided to peruse through our collection of hotel bathrobes to be sure.

Yup. Missoni definitely has the most colorful hotel robes of them all. Although we have to give props to the Kimpton Hotels animal-print bathrobes. Even though we actually owned the zebra print at one point, we can't seem to find an actual photo of it.

But away we go. Check out the hotel robes in this new gallery. We'll be adding to it as we continue to roam around hotels around the world. And if you're lusting after a certain bathrobe, it can be bought from the hotel for a price (usually starting around $100.)

What's your favorite hotel bathrobe? Let us know in comments below.

Archived Comments:


the ace is definitely my fave of that lot. i want one.

Love these

I really want to buy the Missoni robe, but I suspect that if I got a sweatshirt robe like Ace's, I would never take it off.

Not exactly a hotel, but. . .

. . .ours are pretty popular with guests: Double-layer Twill Robe