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Hotel Carter No Longer 'The Dirtiest Hotel' in America?

January 22, 2010 at 10:00 AM | by | ()

TripAdvisor released its annual Traveler's Choice list yesterday and while a whopping 719 hotels were winners of awards and mentions, we're guessing the Heritage Marina Hotel in San Francisco is not too proud to be considered the #1 Dirtiest Hotel in the United States.

Recent reviews called the place "filthy" "disgusting", "cockroach-infested", "horror hotel", "had the ambiance of fresh vomit" and "the most smelly discusting place ever!" [SIC]. This really doesn't come as a surprise to us since way back in 2006, we had an in-depth report of bed bugs at the place. Yuck.

On the bright side, the notoriously filthy Hotel Carter where "dreams go to die," according to Gadling, didn't even register in the Top 10. Could this mean the Carter is improving?

A recent review said one guest prepared for the absolute worst but was surprised to find that: "The sheets looked cleaned (I used the pillow case I brought just in case), the TV was working and most importantly there was hot water." Then again, that review is followed by another calling the place a pig sty and one more that said, "Nothing good can get out of that place." We wonder why TA knocked it off the list then?

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