Hotel Rooms for Super Bowl Are Still Expensive But Still Available

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· More Rooms Open for Super Bowl: A owner of a Mondrian Hotel South Beach condo is willing to rent his place for Super Bowl weekend. Meanwhile, the Doral Resort in Miami is no longer requesting a three-night minimum. Rooms start at $399 a night. Also, Z Ocean Hotel has standard suites left open as well starting at $429 a night.

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Archived Comments:

Seth Levy

I live in Miami and will rent my place out! $100/person/night or rent the whole 3 bedroom place for $500/night. I am going to the game so I can even offer you a ride.

It's Sun Life not Landshark

Superbowl Rooms

Check out www.ineedasuperbowlroom.com to find the best deal on Hotels close to the Stadium

The EPIC Hotel

The EPIC Hotel also has availability. You can search for the rate under promotional code - SUPER.

Z Ocean

Looks like the $429/night rate is for Pro Bowl not Super Bowl

Hotels on the Superbowl

Superbowl Hotels are always a little more expensive than usual and South Beach is always a little bit more than your average destination. You will find the best deals the further away you travel from Miami and fort lauderdale. We will gladly offer you the super bowl picks so when your bookie calls you, it won't matter how much you spent on Sunday.

-cooper's sports picks

Super Bowl Rooms at Tempo Miami from $249/Night

Tempo Miami recently opened and is offering Super Bowl rates starting at $249/Night.  Tempo is the newest luxury hotel in downtown Miami and is just a short drive from Sun Life Stadium.  Most importantly, there is no minimum length of stay!  Check out the offer at www.tempomiami.com.  As far as I know, rooms are still available!