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Still Not Sold on Yotels? Maybe This Jetsons Bed Will Do the Trick

January 18, 2010 at 9:55 AM | by | ()

With all the gadgets we haul around these days, we get excited when we check into a hotel that caters to our tech obsession. Things as simple as a charging station for all our phones and cameras and iPods makes us very happy. So you can imagine how we felt when we saw this teched-out multimedia hotel bed.

It’s called the Somnus-Neu (which is something to do with the god of sleep), and it may soon be coming to a pod hotel near you. The creator, Grier Govorko, tells Fast Company magazine that he is in talks with Yotel and hopes to have the beds in production later this year.

“Working in the music business, and being on tour for years, I was constantly in hotel rooms where I was always working from bed,” says Govorko of his inspiration. “It’s an underutilized space that hadn’t really been looked at.”

His design includes motorized curtains, a retractable video screen, Wi-Fi, a docking station for gadgets, a five-point audio system, and three sets of lighting (reading, ambient, floor). The bed can also be equipped with an RFID card reader, so that guests can customize and save their preferences from one visit or one hotel to the next.

Now, if they could just add a portal that could deliver room service, we wouldn’t have to leave the bed at all …

[Photo: Yoo-Pod]

Archived Comments:

Room service portal

If they can add that, this would be the most amazing hotel bed ever. And THAT is the future hotel beds.

Re: Room service portal

Juliana - we're trying to figure that out:) right now we're working out how to create a wireless or SMS via Somnus-Neu to the kitchen:) still need someone to walk it in though.