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'Jersey Shore' Causes a Ruckus at The Tropicana in Atlantic City

Where: 2831 Boardwalk [map], Atlantic City, NJ, United States, 08401
January 15, 2010 at 9:17 AM | by | ()

Last night was a magical evening. Wanna know why? Because there was two full hours of the trashtastic "Jersey Shore" on MTV. And in the first hour, the kids headed out to AC--Atlantic City Baby.

They shacked up in a suite at The Tropicana which despite its Las Vegas counterpart, looked to be in decent condition. We even saw a flat-screen TV in there.

Snooki finally found love at the Jersey Shore in the suite's bathtub with Mr. Bubbles, The Situation had plenty of space to change his clothes three times before going to dinner, Sammi and Ronnie finally got to share a decent-sized bed, Pauly D had more mirrors to study his blow out, JWoww could smoke in the bathroom and Vinny could wander around in his wife beater, free from any milk and cheese smells.

The gang later hit up dinner at the hotel's Il Verdi restaurant where The Situation and Snicks had a showdown. Things didn't get much better at the nightclub, Providence, when The Situation committed "robbery" on Vinny's skanky club chick and JWoww puked in the bathroom.

This was all followed by a showdown between Situation and Jwoww because he refused to take her back up to the suite. Once they got there however, Jwoww socked him in the face and "private security" immediately came rushing in. We're pretty sure we saw a show producer in that mix too.

But all was well by the next day and before you knew it, the gang was back at Karma in Seaside fist-pumping it up. Well, then Ronnie got arrested but more on that next week.

Oh and by the way, rooms at the Tropicana start at $99 for a standard room with two queen beds.

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