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Another Reason to Stay at Chateau Marmont: Personalized Stationery

Where: 8221 W Sunset Blvd [map], Hollywood, CA, United States, 90046
January 13, 2010 at 9:01 AM | by | ()

There's a lot to love at Chateau Marmont, where the starlets are plentiful and the security practically fortress-like: a hotel bar you actually want to visit, and elaborate dishware for lattes that we once saw Gael Garcia Bernal ogling in person, for instance.

When you're shelling out the kind of cash that le Chateau requires for its doting service (and, oh, how they dote on their famous friends), unsolicited perks are common—more than your simple chocolate on the pillow at turndown, that's certain.

We recently heard a rumor that Marmont prints up personalized stationery for its guests, a tidbit we confirmed yesterday morning. The service is free of charge, and while you may not get an elaborate letter-pressed/embossed/gold-leaf paper shebang, three sheets of stationery plus envelopes bearing your name can be furnished during your stay.

We can just imagine the types of notes being scrawled by tabloid fixtures staying at Marmont: "Getting ready for late-night drinks at Bar M. and can't decide which sulky pout to flash at the paps. Major dilemma. Wish you were here!"

Who are we kidding? They'd tweet that instead.

Have you received personalized stationery during your stay at the Chateau Marmont? Send us a pic of the goods!

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