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Book a Room with a Private Treadmill on Tablet's Private Sale Today

January 12, 2010 at 10:08 AM | by | Comments (0)

Last week we let you know that Tablet Hotels was also getting on the private sale game and today we have the discounted rates for the five lucky hotels.

· Hotel Healdsburg: $270 down from $385
· The Sanderson: £221 down from £315
· The Standard NYC: $214 down from $345
· The Augustine €193 down from €270
· La Perouse: €168 down from €300

Some interesting notes: The Sanderson hotel room was listed as deluxe king with gym. When we clicked further, we found out that the gym is a private treadmill in the room. Cool!

Then we did a little comparison shopping on The Sanderson too. The rooms for the weekend of January 22nd were listed as £221 a night or $356. But we also received a 25 percent off code from the Morgans Hotel Group email newsletter. When we applied that to the Sanderson's own website, we found the deluxe king room with gym to be £236 a night. So, Tablet wins!

Well, not quite. The Sanderson also has small standard rooms for £161 ($260) a night, something which Tablet did not offer. So if keeping the price low is your ultimate goal, remember to comparison shop. If booking a room with a private treadmill suits your fancy, do it for less on Tablet.

Further notes: The Standard was slightly higher in the month of January ($228) and it looked like you could make reservations at the hotels until about mid-April.

We also saw that Tablet Plus privileges are not applicable for rooms booked under Private Sales. So no complimentary upgrades or welcome amenities even though you pay a $195 annual membership fee. We're not so concerned about this since the rooms are going for less here. And Tablet Plus members get the opportunity to book a full day before the rest of Tablet Members. But you should be aware of that if you are a Tablet Plus member and are accustomed to those perks.

The sale runs until Thursday at 5pm EST. If you're looking to stay in a haute hotel for less, get to booking now.

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