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Where to Find Free Hotel WiFi in New York City

January 13, 2010 at 11:02 AM | by | ()

Hooking up the free WiFi that's offered with a passcode at the Algonquin Hotel.

We've covered London and we've covered Las Vegas and we know you are chomping at the bit for our New York Guide. Well, chomp no more. Here it is.

We've grouped the hotels by neighborhood but we decided to leave out the numerous locations for budget brands like Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, Comfort Inn and Best Western which always offer free WiFi. When in doubt, get yourself to the lobby of one of these hotels to access free WiFi.

Looking for a posher place to update your Facebook page, check email and rant on Twitter? Consider these hotels below, all which have free WiFi for its hotel guests (A code and password may be required, hit up the front desk for that.)

And as always, we've started this list off but you can help us out by telling us where you got free hotel WiFi during your last trip to NYC. Do it in comments below or send us an email.

Where to Find Free WiFi in New York City (Updated November 23, 2010)

· The Peninsula New York: 700 5th Avenue; www.peninsula.com/New_York.aspx
· Empire Hotel: 44 West 63rd Street; www.empirehotelnyc.com
· The Marrakech: 2688 Broadway; www.marrakechhotelnyc.com
· AKA Central Park: 42 West 58th Street; www.hotelaka.com (also, there are four more AKA hotels in Midtown)

· Andaz Fifth Avenue: 485 Fifth Avenue, newyork.5thavenue.andaz.hyatt.com
· Hotel Elysee: 60 East 54th Street: www.elyseehotel.com
· Chambers Hotel: 15 West 56th Street; www.chambershotel.com
· The Algonquin: 59 West 44th Street; www.algonquinhotel.com
· CityClub: 55 West 44th Street; www.cityclubhotel.com
· The MAve Hotel: 62 Madision Ave; www.themavehotel.com
· Radisson Lexington: 511 Lexington Ave; www.radisson.com/newyorkny_lexington
· The Pod Hotel: 230 East 51st Street; www.thepodhotel.com
· The Library Hotel: 299 Madison Ave; www.libraryhotel.com
· Casablanca Hotel: 147 West 43rd Street; www.casablancahotel.com
· Hotel Mela: 120 West 44th ; www.hotelmela.com
· Hotel 41: 206 West 41st Street; www.hotel41nyc.com
· Apple Core Hotels: Five locations in midtown; www.applecorehotels.com
· GEM Hotel Midtown West: 449 West 36th Street; www.thegemhotel.com/midtown/index.iml
· The London New York: 151 West 54th Street; www.thelondonnyc.com
· The Ace Hotel: 20 W 29th Street; www.acehotel.com
· Econo Lodge Times Square: 302 West 47th Street; www.econolodge.com

· Crosby Street Hotel: 79 Crosby Street; www.crosbystreethotel.com
· The Mercer Hotel: 147 Mercer Street; www.mercerhotel.com
· The Standard NYC: 848 Washington Street & W 13th St; www.standardhotels.com
· GEM Hotel Chelsea: 300 West 22nd Street; www.thegemhotel.com/chelsea/index.iml
· GEM Hotel Soho (aka LES): 135 East Houston Street; www.theGEMhotel/soho/index.iml
· The Bowery Hotel: 335 Bowery; www.theboweryhotel.com
· The Maritime Hotel: 363 West 16th Street; www.themaritimehotel.com
· The Jane Hotel: 113 Jane Street; www.thejanenyc.com
· Cooper Square Hotel: 25 Cooper Square; www.thecoopersquarehotel.com
· The Gansevoort: 18 9th Avenue; www.hotelgansevoort.com
· Hotel Giraffe: 365 Park Ave at 26th; www.hotelgiraffe.com
· The Hotel on Rivington: 107 Rivington Street; www.hotelonrivington.com
· The Greenwich Hotel: 377 Greenwich Street; www.thegreenwichhotel.com
· The Marcel at Gramercy: 201 East 24th Street; www.themarcelatgramercy.com
· Soho Grand Hotel: 310 West Broadway; www.sohograndhotel.com
· Tribeca Grand Hotel: 2 Avenue of the Americas; www.tribecagrand.com
· Andaz Wall Street: 75 Wall Street; www.andaz.com
· James New York: 27 Grand Street, www.jameshotels.com/New-York.aspx

If You Join The Hotel's Loyalty Program
· The Plaza (Fairmont President's Club)
· Omni Berkshire (Omni Select Guest Program)
· The Muse (Kimpton InTouch)
· Ink48 (Kimpton InTouch)
· 70 Park Ave (Kimpton InTouch)

Archived Comments:


Thank you! I'm going to save this and refer to it when I'm stuck in the city and needing to work. I always end up wandering into the expanse of the Hilton by Rock Center only to remember that they charge for WiFi. So annoying.

Bookmarking it!

This is a GREAT resource, totally bookmarking it so I can refer to it on my next trip to NYC. Now if we could just get hotels to start offering it in rooms instead of just in lobbies...

The Question of W hotels

In our understanding, WiFi at W Hotels is NOT free. However, there is some word going around that you can get it for free in the lobbies but only for 1-2 hours.

Also, the Westin Times Square supposedly has free WiFi in the lobby. But the last time we were there (Sept. 09) it was impossible to load.

Anyone want to clear up these issues? Do it in comments and we'll update on the post.

Great list

This is a great list of WiFi hot spots. I'd much rather head to one of these places than a Starbucks to get online.

Great list

Thanks for putting this list together. At my recent NY stay I searched for two hotels with free WiFi. I suggest them for your list and am glad to see there are a few more. I`ll bookmark this list :-)

Free WiFi is a godsend

I'm very curious to know what the latest update is on the Ace's tangle with lobby "squatters." I can imagine that after our last report the battle between management and Wi-Fi aficionados isn't over.


This is a good starting list.  Most of the big non-flagged tourist places in Midtown also offer free wifi, like the Edison, The Pennsylvania, and The Wellington.
I don't completely understand your neighborhood classifications.  Why is Chambers on 56th Midtown, but Elysee on 54th Uptown? The MAve on 27th is Midtown, but the Ace on 29th is downtown?

Nabe groups

Some got misplaced. We are fixing!

The Chatwal

When it opens later this year, The Chatwal promises to have free WiFi. Which is nice in a luxury hotel. You'd think more of the high-end places would offer it without blinking.

Free WiFi

The Candlewood Suites on W39th & 9th Ave also have free wifi.


Free Wifi

Great list, and keep up the informative reviews.

Down here in New Zealand we get told that every hotel in NYC has free wifi!

Guess this bit local knowledge is really going to help


Fashion 26 - A Wyndham Hotel (opening April 15th) at 26th between 6th & 7th will have complimentary WIFI, too.

I have my list too

Not complete but still commendable!

Fab Free WiFi

Nothing I love more than free WiFi at a high end hotel. You have to be a hotel guest or guest of a member but the free WiFi on the 6th floor lounge of the SoHo House was a highlight of my stay (especially since you can order drinks/food while working on your laptop in the comfy lounge).

This is great

Our new site can locate via WiFi where you are, and can show you the nearest car results!

Try it!

Ace Hotel

I go there often and the GM of the hotel assured me (I work in the industry at www.getaroom.com) that this is something encouraged by the hotel mgmt...I use it once a week and love the vibe...never felt that they viewed us as unwelcome or squatters...June 16th 2010

Marion Hughes

Customer experience

Thank you for this list. In a recent study I read, free wi-fi was ranked number one as the most important service that customers looked for in a hotel. It is definitely a deciding factor when booking a hotel. Hotels who are currently not providing free wi-fi as a service need to listen more closely to their customers in order to better meet their needs.

Re Customer Experience

Yes, I do agree with you and the importance if it in a Las Vegas Luxury Hotel!!


Re Customer Experience
Yes, I do agree with you and the importance if it in a Hotels Las Vegas!!
But who really stays any length of time in their hotel room in Vegas>???

Re Customer Experience

What are your favorite Luxury Hotels Las Vegas has to offer? As far as NYC hotels, Trump gives away free bottled water with trumps face on the bottle


New York Luxury Hotels should offer more free services for their guests and more discount hotel rates for the market to obtain. There is nothing wrong with the word free, but the more free you offer, t more people expect more free services.

my post

Nothing I love more than free WiFi at a high end hotel. You have to be a hotel guest or guest of a member but the free WiFi on the 6th floor lounge of the SoHo House was a highlight of my stay (especially since you can order drinks/food while working on your laptop in the comfy lounge) better than skup zlota where I have been last year.

Wifi in Wellnesshotel

Nice tipps, I'm currently staying in New York in a wellnesshotel and the guy told me in german: in unserem wellnesshotel gibt es zwar auch Wifi aber sie müssen schon dafür bezahlen. Ich weiss, dass es bei wellnesshotel deutschland angeboten sonst anders ist, aber so machen wir es hier in New York. Auch bei anderen Wellnesshotels ist das so.2

I then changed hotel, cause I did not like the service and I also found many free Wifi spots, thanks.

Hotel with WiFi in NY

Well we did not have to search for long. We were lucky I suppose. We had a conference for our rice cooker reviews business for the launch of the Zojirushi NS-LAC05 and we needed WiFi for that.

The list is growing all the time and soon there won't be a hotel without it.

Free Wifi at St Giles- The Tuscany and The Court

The Tuscany and The Court on 39th and Lexington also offer free wifi in all the rooms!