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El San Juan Puerto Rico is Bringing Back The Mancation

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September 4, 2009 at 11:24 AM | by | ()

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, the mancation has returned!

Summer’s officially over this weekend. But you know who’s not all torn up about it? NFL fans. Fall means football—and all the eating, drinking, and male bonding that comes with it.

The folks at the El San Juan Hotel & Casino in Puerto Rico know this. That’s why, with the season kicking off next Thursday, they’re promoting their cabanas to football fans.

They claim spending a game day inside one of their poolside cabanas is the “ultimate mancation,” which, frankly, hurts our feelings. We too are football fans, even if we’re female. (Maybe they could have gone with “fancation”? Or, better yet, just done away with this tiresome -cation trend altogether.)

Anyways, here’s why they think their cabanas are perfect for watching football:

... each of El San Juan Hotel & Casino’s 190 square-foot luxury poolside cabanas are football-friendly with lush seating for six, ample room for high-fives, a poolside concierge, and most importantly, a 32-inch plasma television. Each cabana is outfitted with wicker lounge sofas and a wicker hanging chair, providing a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere – perfect for enjoying the big game.

The cabana rentals start at $1,000 per day (which includes all-day use, water, and a fruit platter.)

We actually think spending any given Sunday in one of these huts would be awesome, but at that price we may have to start our trip with a regular room in the hotel—they start at $149 a night—and some serious time at the blackjack table. If we win big, we’ll hit up one of the cabanas (dibs on the hanging chair!), and will demand chicken wings be added to the fruit platter.

If we lose all our money, we’ll just have to watch the game on the flat screen in our regular room. Or, you know, in the casino itself. After all, that’s where the really big screens are. Not to mention the crystal chandeliers and tuxedo-clad staff. Now, that’s how we like our football.

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