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Hyatt's Boston Hotels Create a 'Task Force' for Fired Housekeepers

September 22, 2009 at 10:20 AM | by | ()

Perhaps sensing that the outrage from the Boston community over the recent firing of longtime housekeepers would not die down, Hyatt Hotels has announced that they are putting together a "support plan" to help their former employees. The official statement from Hyatt:

We are announcing today the formation of a task force to provide additional support to the 98 Boston-area Hyatt employees affected by the recent restructionf of the hotels'housekeeping services. In support of their transition to new jobs, the program will include extended healthcare coverage and retraining assistance tailored to the situation of each individual.

Management and HR directors from each of the Boston Hyatt hotels will create and administer the program. Retraining is the main focus and health coverage will be extended through the end of this year (which is only three and a half more months). It was previously set to end this month.

Hyatt let go of their housekeeping staff at their Boston-area properties after the staffers spent some time unknowingly training their replacements. The firings caused a huge outrage in Boston last week, with public officials condemning Hyatt for their actions and local businesses promising not to use Hyatt hotels anymore.

We think this sort of support program for the housekeepers is commendable but it would have been nice if hotels introduced this beforehand to cushion the blow. In the meantime, we'll be leaving a tip for our housekeepers during our next hotel stay.

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This program will last...

...just long enough to deflect news coverage and then disappear. Juliana, I hope you don't let them off the hook.