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They're Hot, Hot, Haute! Two Huge NYC Hotel Restaurants Opening in Fall

September 2, 2009 at 3:39 PM | by | ()

Oh, how we love autumn in New York, especially in the hotels of New York as their top-notch restaurants turn over the menus to prepare for savory seasonal specials and, in some cases, even turn over their restaurants. Top on the list of hotel eateries due to open this fall are The Ace Hotel's Breslin and a renovation of The Chambers' old Town restaurant into a Midtown branch from the NY foodie masters behind Momofuku's few places.

First up will most likely be The Breslin, the name coming from the previous moniker of The Ace's building. It was originally slated to open in July, but we're giving Ace Hotels a wide berth on everything now after the Great Delay Watch of early '09. Thankfully, we at least have some details on the Roman & Williams-designed space, thanks to Down By The Hipster:

Some of the highlights: Two bars — one downstairs, and a smaller, semi private mezzanine bar that seems comparable to the 3rd Floor of the {Spotted] Pig. 100 wines for under $100 a bottle. Apologies to South Africa, Chile, Australia, and Argentina: They are all from the Northern Hemisphere. A custom cask ale from the Northwest. Playful twists on classic cocktails. The theme is hard core gastro pub that is delicious on the tastebuds and easy on the wallet.

"Easy on the wallet," you say? We'll add it to our list of must-check-outs, right behind brunch at The Standard Grill, whenever they get that program rolling. [Update: according to a commenter, brunch has recently debuted, but we though it was just lunch that opened. We'll stop by]

Moving on, we reach the seriously hyped Momofuku Midtown, replacing The Chamber's Town Restaurant (see our review of it here), and set to be the biggest thing in trendy power-lunching.

Of course the source for Momo-Midtown stalking is Eater NY, and through them we discover that they'll be dishing out "French classic with a Vietnamese kick," as well as a room service-only burger for the hotel. Projected opening for this bad boy is "late fall," which is probably like early December. Come Christmas, we'll be ordering a Momo milkshake up to our favorite comfy sofa lobby spot in the Chambers, since we've named it a great Digital Nomad Lobby.

Trust that we're keeping our eyes peeled and our tastebuds primed for this fall, and we'll keep you updated on all the plate shuffling in hotel restaurants this season.

[Breslin Restaurant sketch: Down By The Hipster]

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Standard Grill Brunch

The Standard started serving brunch a few weeks ago.  I haven't had a chance to stop by, but a friends was raving about it.