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Celebs Descend on The Four Seasons for The Emmy Awards and Swag

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September 18, 2009 at 3:16 PM | by | ()

To call the Four Seasons Beverly Hills a celebrity sighting hotspot is one of those, "Yeah, duh," self-evident statements that even non-Angelenos are aware of. But with the Emmy awards this Sunday, we thought it was worth highlighting this B.H. institution, as it's inevitably reaching a peak of Primetime star check-in as we type this.

Tonight, according to BizBash, The Four Seasons will play home yet again to HBO's "Luxury Lounge" swag suite, where Emmy attendees and other invited guests (tip: don't try crashing this party) will take home a slew of fancy gifts including Bulgari skin care products, or "receive private treatments by appointment."

Expected guests include Emmy Award winner Tina Fey and Entourage's Adrian Grenier. Other area hotels that already have, or will, host Emmy-related parties or hospitality lounges include The Mondrian and the Sunset Marquis.

Through Sunday, the hotel is sure to be swarming with activity, but we prefer it on non-awards weekends, when you're just as likely to see your favorite actress getting into the gold-tinted elevators.

We've spent many an afternoon at The Four Seasons having lunch, sipping on Arnold Palmers, and watching a slew of well known faces—everyone from Rosario Dawson to Keanu Reeves to Will Smith—randomly milling about. Obviously the highfalutin lodgings, like fellow industry hangout the Chateau Marmont, isn't a place that just any tourist can drop into for the afternoon—at least, not without being inappropriately conspicuous.

Best to make a lunch reservation, enjoy a salad, soak up some four-star treatment yourself, and maybe catch a glimpse of Scarlett Johansson being whisked away by handlers in the lobby.

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Juan Carlos Guzman-Betancourt at four seasons

This con-man, arguably more famous than some celebrities who have graced the rooms of the four seasons ha also stayed there.  The ubiquitous criminal was finally arrested today: http://www.sceneadvisor.com/arts-entertainment.html

I imagine there won't be too many ammenities in jail.