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Yes, It's True: The Encore Has Intimacy Kits in the Minibar

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September 11, 2009 at 2:38 PM | by | ()

Hotel sex kits have been around for a while now so it never surprises us when we walk into hip boutique hotels in urban areas and find a pack of condoms with some fun extras awaiting in the mini-bar.

But we were taken aback when we saw this: The Wynn Intimacy Kit atop the mini-bar at The Encore Las Vegas. Old people use hotel sex kits?

We kid, we kid. Actually, the Encore is the hipper younger sister to the Wynn Las Vegas and during our recent stay, we saw more folks below the age of 40 than we've had in recent memory at the Wynn/Encore properties. Certainly, the average hotel guest age was a lot lower than it was when we first stayed here back in January.

Nevertheless, we're still a little uncomfortable about a Wynn-branded intimacy kit. For $30, it includes warming massage oil, personal lubricant, one disposable vibrating couples ring and two latex condoms. (The Afterglow kit is sadly just sun protection. Nothing to do with anything post-coital.)

And no, it's not what's in it that weirds us out, it's the fact that all Wynn mini-bar items are branded with the Wynn name and logo and they each have their own tagline (for the intimacy kit, it's "Have Fun, Play Safe.") We can practically hear Steve Wynn narrating all these items for us and for the intimacy kit, he would be saying in that booming voice of his, "For adults only...." If you've ever been to the Wynnlasvegas.com, then you know exactly what we're talking about.

Then again, some folks might like imagining that Steve Wynn is right there in the room with them.

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Intimacy Kits in Hotels

 My favorite experience was staying at a gorgeous Hotel in Paris and having a "Romance Menu"! They had a kit with edible lotion, sex toy, love dice. It was brilliant. We bought one to enjoy in the room and another to take home. I love the French. I looked them up when I got home and this company has wide selection in addition to their Hotel line. Lots of unique oral toys. They are called tonguejoy(dot) com

A very beautiful kit

We stayed in the Caribbean and our kit had massage oil, feather tickler, blindfold, mints and micro vibrator. The company was www.hotelintimacykits.com I've logged in and bought another since as a gift because they are beautiful. I think it's great, it is an extra surprise in the room without having to plan it.