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Good Rate, Bad Rate: The Standard or Cooper Square For Labor Day?

September 1, 2009 at 5:14 PM | by | ()

[It's baaaacck! Welcome once again to our Good Rate/Bad Rate feature where we look at hotel prices in the same city and decide which one most deserves your hard-earned benjamins. Torn between two hotels? Send 'em to us and we'll help you pick the right one. Rates quoted here were captured on September 1, 2009 and are subject to change. Enjoy.]

If you're anything like us (and our mother), you will wait until the very last possible minute to book your flights for your vacation. Hotel rooms come much, much later in the planning process--often the night before. So it's no surprise that you find yourself trying to book some lodgings for an impromptu Labor Day getaway to NYC.

But why come to New York to shack up in a big-box hotel in Times Square? No, you need to experience what everyone is talking/Facebooking/Twittering about. That's why this week's match-up is The Standard Hotel vs. Cooper Square Hotel.

The hotels have many similarities despite being in different neighborhoods (Cooper Square is East, Standard is West.) Both of the boutique design hotels are about the same age. The Cooper Square opened in March early December and the Standard opened in late December. Both hotels are also modelizers in the sense that fashionistas are regular guests and photoshoots are frequent occurrences.

The hotels even have common problems with see-through windows, nude guests and pissed-off neighbors (The Cooper Square with the latter more so than The Standard .)

But what it really comes down to here is price. How do the hotels matchup against each other rate-wise?

The Standard
The Standard has rooms open Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 4-7) for $365 a night. That's for a superior queen room with just 230 sq. ft. to practice your window dance. All in with taxes sets you back $1,266.87 for three nights.

The Cooper Square Hotel
The Cooper Square has rooms on Friday and Sunday but not Saturday night which is obviously a problem. And this is when we start to feel foolish for failing to plan early. However, all hope is not lost. The rooms on Friday and Sunday nights are less than the Standard at $250 a night. That's for a queen bed but a little more wiggle room as the total square footage is 250 sq. ft. All in with taxes is $290.38 for one night.

The Decision
The Standard wins because it has availability all through the weekend. (Other hotels in the same 'hood like The Jane and The Maritime did not.) But feasibly, you could stay at the Cooper Square on your last night in town (or your first), save some moolah and manage to see two of NYC's hot modelizer hotels. Plus, you could also compare the...erm...assets of other guests.

Still, the Standard will probably always win out against the Cooper Square Hotel and that's because its rooms have floor to ceiling *unobstructed* views of Manhattan, the Hudson River and (whether you like it or not), New Jersey. The room decor is clean and light. The bathrooms are a little voyeuristic but we think you can handle that by now. If you have the funds, the Standard is the place to stay.

Archived Comments:

opening dates wrong

FYI: Cooper opened in December // Standard opened in March

Actually both in December

Both hotels actually soft-opened in December. Cooper Square on Dec. 11 and The Standard on Dec. 21st. Thanks for pointing this out. We changed it in the story.