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For One Million Dollars, Rent Out The Hard Rock San Diego for One Night

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  Site Where: 207 5th Ave [map], San Diego, CA, United States, 92101
August 7, 2009 at 9:04 AM | by | ()

Remember how we mentioned that the Chatwal hotel would have rooms that cost "$1,000,000 a night?" Of course, that was probably a "lost in translation" or currency conversion snafu but now we've got word that the Hard Rock San Diego will actually be available for $1,000,000 for one night this holiday season. And the hotel is positioning it as the "Ultimate High Roller Holiday Gift."

Ok. Before we start in on this whole she-bang, let us at least tell you what you--the payer of a million dollars to a hotel--will get:

· Private jet transport for 10 VIPS from a "select" destination in the United States to San Diego with limos to the Hard Rock Hotel.
· Rooms for 420 of your closest friends and their plus 1s. Yes, the entire hotel is yours for the night (As it should be!)
· All-day private access to the rooftop pool including bottle service, daybed seating and cabanas.
· Spa Treatments at the Rock Spa. Pretty much anything you want.
· Unlimited Pinkberry at the shop located downstairs.
· Open Bar at the 207 bar.
· Private Dining at the Nobu sushi restaurant downstairs which will close to the public and serve its Omakase menu (chef's choice.)
· VIP Bash at the Float Lounge and Woodstock at 10pm. Open bar, food and a celebrity DJ.
· Morning After breakfast at Maryjane's coffee shop.
· A professional photographer to document every moment of this insanity.

Ok, we're not going to lie. If we knew someone who did this and invited us to go along we would go crazy. We would OD on Pinkberry, vodka tonics, massages and yellowtail. It would not be pretty yet it would be the greatest night of our lives.

But really, who out there will book this insane hotel package? Sure, the hotel promises to donate $100,000 of the price tag to a charity of the buyer's choice and as hard as it may be to believe, $900,000 actually sounds like a deal for all that you are getting. Still, it seems totally unrealistic that there might be any takers, especially in this economy (although things are looking up.)

We think this might just be another way to call attention to the Hard Rock San Diego without having to discount room rates. Remember last week's announcements of the "Pot" brownies?

Of course we hope w'ere wrong because this will be a legen--wait for it--dary party if someone books it. Should your friends Bill Gates or Dr. Evil be interested in buying this holiday gift, have them call 619-764-6938 and mention the "It's a Hard Rock Life" package. There are select dates that this can be done and buyers will have to be pre-approved.

Or you could just book a regular room there. Those start at around $299 a night.

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