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Our iPod Was Stolen From Our Room at the MGM Grand

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August 4, 2009 at 10:03 AM | by | ()

We spent a few days last week hopping between Vegas hotels that we’d booked through Hotwire. We landed the MGM Grand for our second night in Sin City, which we were very excited about. And although we got zilch in the way of upgrades and vouchers at check-in, we rather liked our room — it was a little old-looking, but it had a pretty super view of mountains and McCarran airport. We could have watched the planes coming in all day.

Unluckily for us, as it turned out, we didn’t. We went out instead. And, because we were a bit nervous of being mobbed by drunk people, just as we were going out the door, we whipped our iPod out of our purse. We’d already locked our (paltry) valuables away in our suitcase, and we didn’t have time to get the key out, so we just stuck it in the front flap of the case and ran off to watch people humping chairs at Anthony Cools’ hypnotist show at Paris.

The next morning, we were moving on to the Stratosphere, and realized the iPod was still packed away as we were driving over there. So as soon as we got to our room, we went to grab it. It was gone. We spent the next three hours unpacking and repacking that suitcase in the vain hope that it might have magicked itself into another part of the case, but it wasn’t there.

That afternoon, we tweeted our loss to MGM Grand, asking who we should talk to, but got no response (in fact, we’re still waiting). So the next day, having done the unpacking and repacking thing for another couple of hours, we went back there and filed a report with security.

The officer who took our statement was very nice and told us that in-room thefts are very rare. We filed a report, and she gave us a case reference and a card addressed to "our valued guest" which promises that “the Security Department will inform Risk Management of this incident, who will review the matter promptly”. She said that we should give them a few days and then call up to see what’s going on if Risk Management haven’t contacted us already. Something tells us our phone won’t be ringing off the hook.

In the meantime, we are trying to get over feeling slightly violated, mourning the loss of our killer roadtrip playlist, and saving our pennies to pay the $75 excess our insurance company will make us fork out before it gives us a new one. What we’re definitely not doing is booking a return stay at the MGM. Shame.

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When I saw this headline I thought that this story would be similar like mine. It is really unbelievable that people could not be safe staying in hotels. I have the same experience... Travelling through Europe I stayed in various hotels and many very valuable things like phones, iphone were stolen from my room. From that time I really do not like to stay in 1 or 2 stars hotels. I hope that it will not happen in the future again. Thanks a lot for sharing your own experience.


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