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Inside The W Atlanta Buckhead's Close Quarters

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August 28, 2009 at 3:59 PM | by | ()

We spin you right round, baby, right round. Sorry, for the shakiness at the beginning of the video. The room was a little cramped.

So we told you yesterday we got a stonking deal on Hotwire, bagging a $259 room at the W Atlanta Buckhead for just $95. Here’s how our stay measured up.

Room Reaction
We got a room on floor 10 - just two levels under the Whiskey Blue rooftop bar – and overlooking the Financial Center. It wasn’t the finest view we’ve ever had, to be fair, but we won’t blame the hotel for that.

W have done quite well with the layout – it wasn’t the biggest room you’ll get, but lots of white and an open plan bathroom meant that it didn’t feel cramped. Note: we were staying on our lonesome so the open plan bathroom wasn’t a problem – had we been in a pair, it might have been an issue. But the nice guy at check in had given us the option of a room with a separate bathroom, so don’t lose too much sleep over that.

We were told at check in that the minibars were down in the rooms, but if we wanted anything minibar-esque, we could just call down to the lobby and they’d bring it right up. We felt a bit awkward about calling down for M&Ms, so didn’t try this out.

Back to the room - the bed was great (after we ditched the odd-smelling pillow – see below), there was a sexy white leather headboard stretching up to the ceiling and a floor-to-ceiling mirror opposite the bed to make us feel a bit less lonely as we sat in bed working. We particularly liked the flowery chairs by the window, but were less convinced by the carpet – being monochrome, it wasn’t technically fugly, but it could probably have done without a pattern.

We had a bit of trouble connecting to the WiFi on our Mac, but with the help of a friendly service guy on the phone, we got it fine.

What We Liked
For the most part, staff were chatty and fabulous. The only two we had an issue with were the girl in the bar who failed to take our order for a whole half hour before we left (our neighbours spent that half hour asking where she was as well, but they were pretty drunk, so at least she must have served them earlier on). And the guy at check out who, when we came running in to grab our stuff a whole two minutes late, sniffed that he’d just saved us from being charged for a late check out. That we found pretty ridiculous.

But the Bliss toiletries made up for it. They even included facewash, which we found beyond the call of duty.

What We Didn’t Like
The open plan bathroom – we don’t see the point of sliding doors. They make us feel exposed – what’s wrong with a proper door?

Also, when we laid our head down on one of the top pillow cases (the blue branded ones), we got a faint whiff of someone else’s greasy hair. Please, W, say it’s not just the white ones you wash every time. They’re not cushions. They’re pillows!

Finally, parking at $30 and internet at $10.95 is too much. Wifi is free in the lobby (sorry, “living room” – we were corrected on this) so it’s pretty unforgivable to charge for it in the rooms.

Public Spaces
Poor service aside, the rooftop Whiskey Blue bar has a pretty funky setting – there’s an inside part and two terraces, one with tables and bar stools, and one with couches overlooking Atlanta. We have no idea what the drinks are like, though, seeing as we never got as far as looking at the menu,

Bottom line
For the money we paid for it, this was more than worth it. If we were going to pay full price, we’d probably give the Palomar a whirl for our next visit. But if we ended up here, we definitely wouldn’t be unhappy.

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Door / Parking

Loved the review.  2 quick comments

-Sliding doors, also known as "pocket doors" are used when you have limited space.  They eliminate the need of someone having to move out of the way to open or close the door.  That's just a thought on why they would have used them as opposed to a traditional door.

-While paying for valet service does suck.  $30.00 dollars is standard in Buckhead or Midtown Atlanta.  You will find the same price at the other Ws, Westins, Ritz Carltons, JW Marriott etc. In my experience hotels don't make the money they used to on parking charges, with space becoming a premium in urban/financial districts, the cost they pay for the spots (sometimes located in off site garages) is staggering.  Yes they could just add it to the room rate, and give the illusion that you are not paying for it, which could also be said for internet.

Again, enjoyed the review!