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The Hotel Bel-Air 'Truly Regrets' Disappointing Brides-to-Be With Upcoming Renovations

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August 25, 2009 at 12:29 PM | by | ()

Yesterday we told you about how the Hotel Bel-Air impending renovations have left brides-to-be scrambling for a new place to get married until the renovations are completed, sometime in 2011. Brides who already signed contracts at the Hotel Bel-Air for their wedding days are now being moved to The Beverly Hills Hotel, a sister hotel just a few miles away that's equally posh but has quite a different feeling.

We compared it to stepping inside the pages of Us Weekly magazine where you see celebs left and right. It's the perfect hotel for a visit to Los Angeles (seriously, we see celebs everytime we pop in there) but it doesn't have the seclusion and intimacy of the Hotel Bel-Air.

It seems the hotel knows that and they sent us a statement, reiterating just how hard they are working to accommodate all the ladies in white who dreamed about getting married at the hotel. The hotel's full statement is listed below:

“In order to maintain the outstanding quality for which the Hotel Bel-Air has become known, from time to time it becomes necessary for our Hotel, like many others, to upgrade and enhance our property. We truly regret that this situation requires us to inconvenience some of our clients and guests.

We highly value their support and loyalty and we are diligently working with all of our guests that have upcoming events scheduled at the hotel to try to make them happy with the outcome.

We are presently working closely with all parties affected by offering relocation to our sister property The Beverly Hills Hotel, a luxury five star hotel featuring 12 acres of lush, tropical gardens and multiple options for weddings and events.

For those who incur any additional expense as a result of the closure, we are evaluating their claims on an individual basis and as efficiently as possible. We are doing our very best to assist all parties to make sure their forthcoming events are successes.”

Meanwhile, Brides.com weighed in with some more helpful tips on how brides can protect themselves when planning a wedding reception at a hotel. Putting in a clause into the contract stating that you are entitled to a full refund in the hotel (or other venue) cannot perform their services on the day of your wedding is a must.

But Brides.com also recommends paying everything with a credit card. That way, you can enlist the services of your credit card company to fight any vendors who bail on you. And, if all things go well, you can use the credit card points to book your honeymoon hotels or flights.

Now, we hope that all brides who were set to get married at the Hotel Bel-Air can still manage to have a great wedding day, either at the Beverly Hills Hotel or someplace else. Remember, it's not about where you got married or what dress you wore--it's about who you're marrying! Meanwhile, we'll anxiously be awaiting the Bel-Air's new look, to be completed in 2011. We have to say, renovations were necessary.

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The hotel's action is commendable in that it has courteously requested the brides-to-be to shift place and is also giving refunds for already booked ones.