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The Gansevoort and W South Beach Already Engaged in a 'Chow-Down'

July 9, 2009 at 4:22 PM | by | ()

The W South Beach has finally opened and we've been expecting a war to break out with the Gansevoort Hotel any minute now. But while all is quiet on the guest front now, there is a bit of a legal fight brewing between the Gansevoort's Philippe Chow restaurant and the expected Mr. Chow restaurant which will open at the W South Beach in August.

We're calling it the "Chow-Down." (Sounds a little better than "Chow-Off", dontcha think?)

The NY Post reports:

Michael Chow, the original Mr. Chow, has been furious with Chak Yam Chau ever since the former "food chopper" for Michael resigned in 2005, changed his name to Philippe Chow and opened restaurants in New York, according to a trademark-infringement lawsuit filed yesterday in a Florida federal court. The final straw came in 2008, Michael says, when Philippe opened a Miami outpost 100 yards from a long-planned location Mr. Chow will open next month.

The new Chow says that claims that no one could confuse the two brands while the original Chow says that Chak Yam Chau claimed he was an executive chef when in fact he never had anything to do with the Mr. Chow restaurant menus. Now Mr. Chow wants some money for Philippe Chow ripping off his name. Dee-rramma!

Whoever wins, all this makes us think is that Miami Beach is going to be the place to visit for all-star Chinese cuisine from celeb chefs. Rates at the W South Beach are hovering at $350 a night while the Gansevoort South start at $295 for this weekend.

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