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New Green Hotel Tech Includes Smart Fireplaces, Lights With Memory

July 8, 2009 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

We're geeky enough to love new hotel technology, but we've got our green side too; so when we read about these in combo, we get pretty excited — which means we're definitely interested in the green technology that got discussed recently at the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference in New Orleans.

Most of the new green tech developments are focused on reducing energy use, and it seems like there are some killer new innovations coming to hotels at the moment. For example, at Hotel 1000 in Seattle, they control what gets switched on and off using the system that tells them when a guest comes and goes. When a guest checks in, the heating or cooling kicks in, and when they go out for a while, the air con and other electrical appliances turn down to preset levels.

Other hotels are doing similar things (and even more). An example of a newly-developed energy efficient amenity:

The system will remember how lights are set and if the fireplace is on and will shut down 20 minutes after the guest leaves and come back to the same setting when guest returns.

And the conference also talked a lot about putting solar panels on hotel roofs with government subsidies. Apparently the hotels that do so are making a pretty big investment — one resort in Death Valley said it cost them $8 million — but they expect to get that back in lower power bills within five years. We reckon they might also attract a few extra guests who, like us, are keen to stay in hotels that are greening things up.

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