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Is There Time for JW Marriott at L.A. Live To Reconsider Their Carpeting?

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July 28, 2009 at 5:49 PM | by | ()

UPDATE: The JW Marriott LA Live just tweeted about the carpet installation on the 5th floor. Guess it's too late!

We've been riding a sort of high about the upcoming JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton coming to downtown Los Angeles' LA Live entertainment complex. Downtown LA has been struggling for a long time to pull visitors away from the action of Hollywood and the fun of the Venice/Santa Monica beaches and LA Live looks like their best shot.

Next to the Staples Center (home to the Lakers and big ticket concerts), LA Live has a Nokia Theater, a small intimate venue called Club Nokia, an ESPN Zone, the Grammy Hall of Fame and several restaurants and bars.

So bringing in the JW Marriott and a Ritz next to LA Live (in a cool building with a large video wall) will give guests close-by fancy hotel options. However, we're really hoping the JW Marriott can reconsider its carpeting option before it opens on February 15, 2010.

We noticed the hotel's Twitter page had a new profile picture which appears to be a room shot. Previously, we only had the drawings on the hotel website to glean info about the look and style of these rooms.

Let's focus on the positive--flat screen TVs, comfy looking beds with a mountain of pillows, modern furniture and a workspace. But that carpeting is really awful. It looks like a triscuit that snagged a blue thread off someone's shirt. Ok, that might be too harsh but we've just never seen anything so..um...artistic in a new hotel before. Muted patterns and colors probably would work better. Hopefully, this is just a mock-up and the actual ordering of carpets has not gone through.

[Photo: JW Marriott LA Live Twitter]

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If you think that's bad, check out the model room for the multi-million dollar Ritz-Carlton Residences next door, that flooring looks like someones worst nightmare. It looks so cheap, probably got a great deal from Home Depot. I cannot believe they expect for people to except low quality finishes like that when they are asking a premium.


I do agree with Hotel Chatter----that carpet is horrible!!! Since I have asthma I try not to stay at hotels with carpeting because of the allergens. Tell me why is is so hard for a person to find a hotel with hard surfaces in them in the US. Any place in the world they are easy to find. I also heard not so good things about the finishes at Ritz-Carlton Residences @ LA LIVE.

Must be a Marriott thing...

The new hallway carpet at the Marriott Hunt Valley (near Baltimore) is even more distracting!

Good Lord!

That is hallucination-inducing. Can we please use that photo for a separate post?

Marriott / Carpet vs Hard Surface Flooring

It may not be the greatest carpet ever, but I recall the "red period" in Mariott's history and this is definitely an improvement over that.

@ocguru1: The reason you mostly find carpets in hotels lies in the impact noise issue any hard surface poses (and the necessity to then take additional noise mitigation measures between floors). Another reason may be the same reason why the US still predominantly uses floor mount toilets (vs wall mount): It is considered as "more like home"/residential feeling.

I suspect that with the sustainable movement gaining momentum we will see more hard surfaces (like Forbo Marmoleum Decibel (!) e.g.) take hold. Hard surfaces are more hygienic and last longer ... but we (as Designers) will also need to consider echo in the rooms as we reduce sound absorbent surfaces.


wow!credits goes to the hotel's interior designer.

Triscuit Rug

"It looks like a triscuit that snagged a blue thread off someone's shirt."

Well said.  Well said.

I must say, the triscuts do look tasty!

I dont think this carpet is really that bad to be honest. I mean its not the most inviting design, unless it is on a roof of thatchet covered cottages. but I must say i have seen much worse!

poker tables

We always laugh

Having stayed in many Marriotts, I can tell you they all have wild carpets. We always laugh at how crazy they are.  It's part of the charm!