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Rihanna and Chris Brown's Trump NYC Stay is Way Shady

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July 27, 2009 at 9:57 AM | by | ()

So, as we are all well aware by now, the Rihanna/Chris Brown relationship was a little bit tumultuous. And there was that whole February assault scandal, which Brown has since publicly apologized for — and we're not going to offer our opinion on that whole mess because, really, it's not our business.

But this gossip is more our thing: this weekend, the should-be-estranged couple was allegedly spotted coming and going from the same Manhattan hotel. According to PopEater (and the whole celeb gossip circuit, really), Chris is supposedly not allowed to see Rihanna (hello, restraining order) — but the two of them were both staying at the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Manhattan this past Friday. Smells like scandal.

And we say it smells like scandal because, like, really: of all the hotels in NYC, The Trump, you guys? The odds that both of you would pick that place over like, the Ritz-Carlton Central Park or something — kind of shady. The Trump, really?

Reviews at the Trump are so-so, with its biggest perks being the location and its crew of obviously-well-trained-to-deal-with-paps staffers.

Archived Comments:

Trump at Central Park

is a great hotel, its 5 star, 5 Diamond.  in fact the link you provide takes you to reviews that are 90% "Excellent".  
I had a great stay, staff are amazing and its very discreet so I can understand someone choosing it for a secret tryst.


Is the only hotel in NY that has a five star hotel AND restaurant rating.  Is one of only 5 Five star rated hotels in NY, and offers exceptional service.  The suite are large, it's very exclusive, and sits on Central Park - that is WHY....

Trump Int'l Is a Five-Star Property

It's not the least bit surprising that they -- and all of the other enormous celebrities who reportedly stay there -- would choose Trump International, given its Mobil Five-Star ranking (not to mention the Best Restaurant in the U.S., Jean Georges, according to James Beard). You can't find better service, views, etc. in NYC.

Trump is Five Star

I am not in the least suprised- even your reviews say that the property is spectacular! Stunning views, true luxury, and attentive service make this my #1 recommend to my friends traveling to NYC. Property is a true Mobil 5 Star! Never once had a disappointing experience there, and have stayed several times.


the trump PR team is certainly 5 star.  these guys were on this like white on rice.