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The Five Must-See Hotel Pools of Summer 2009

July 24, 2009 at 1:34 PM | by | Comments (153)

The time has come for itsy-bitsy-teeny-weenie bikinis (and teeny weenies, if the Speedo thing is your jam) and sunning a-plenty. Countless hotels boast flatscreen TV's (yawn), Michelin-starred restaurants (stuffy) and iHomes (so what?), but what really impresses your pals are the photos and stories about that kickass pool by which your got your bitchin' bronze glow.

Inspired by our brother site Jaunted's World's Coolest Pools list, we bring you our picks for the Five Must-See Hotel Pools of Summer 2009.

1. Hotel Joule; Dallas, TX
For the urban exhibitionist (or voyeur, as it were): this Starwood Luxury Collection property (new to the Lone Star State, too!) has a sky-high design-y spot for some memorable dips: guests can go for a swim in this outdoor rooftop pool which partially hangs off the side of the building — eight stories up. And, yeah, it has plexiglass sides, too.
Rates start at $229 in the summer.

2. Hotel Caruso Ravello; Amalfi Coast, Italy
Shut. Up. Look at this edge right now. This Orient-Express hotel's infinity pool is killer — and, as Jaunted pointed out, TripAdvisor reviewers recommend swimming before breakfast; the pool is usually empty at that time, so you can act like a five-year-old who just might fall off the edge of the pool into the sky.
Rates start at $859 in the summer.

3. Sarojin Resort; Khao Lak, Thailand
This massive blue bad boy has a plunge pool and a Jacuzzi, but the private cabanas are sorta heavenly: you can sit back and relax, munching on yummies from the nearby Ficus Restaurant or just get to chilling on the chaises. Check out Jaunted's take, too.
Rates start at $261 in the summer.
[Photo: Robert Stokes]

4. W Fort Lauderdale; Fort Lauderdale, FL
We know you haven't been here before (er, because it just opened): this one's for the watchers and those that love to be watched. The new W Fort Lauderdale pool has an infinity-edge that looks out onto the Atlantic — but the coolest part: the oceanfront pool deck has a glass-enclosed stairway. You can walk from the living room through the water (all Moses-style) up to the pool deck, or you can just sit in the living room and watch the tight bodies swimming above through little windows in the ceiling.
Rates start at $149 in the summer.
[Photo: FTLTodayDOTCom]

5. Four Seasons Maui at Wailea; Maui, HI
Be the first to check out FS Maui's new dippin' spot, dubbed the "Serenity Pool." The property debuted its brand new infinity-edged pool just this month, featuring an underwater music system, six cabanas with flat screen HDTVs with wireless headsets, wireless and wired internet access, ceiling fans, mini-fridges stocked with Evian and fresh fruit, magazines, comfy couches and oversized chaise lounges. There's a swim-up bar and a walk-up bar in addition to full service goodness for getting your drink on.
Rates start at $545 in the summer.
[Photo: Lar Jay]

Comments (153)

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I'm not a huge fan of the small, but dramatic pools as in the case of the Dallas hotel. I like my space and open expanses, but also places to crash on soft things. So I've got to go with Saojin Resort as my #1, followed by W Fort Lauderdale.


Nobody mentioned the Clarendon in Phoenix.... it's a pretty sweet pool.

Still a lot around....

Those are beautiful and tempting for sure...how about the below..?

Super Cool Hotel Pools

These are great but there's a new one opening in Vancouver that's equally cool. Check it out: http://www.thekeefer.com/the_pool.php


I think my next vacay will be in Ft. Lauderdale and staying at W!

The "w" fort laud

Super Nice without bing stuffy.


The first one definitley looks like the same type of pools that are at the Palms in vegas on the top 5 floors. I wonder which one was first.

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Beautiful Pools

Once we thought that pools were just for swimming in - now you can do many more things in an outstanding location.

World's Coolest Pools list

I have to say, these are some cool pools I have never seen anything like it.
Hotel Caruso Ravello; Amalfi Coast, Italy - has to be my favorite!

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Can't get enough of this type of scenery.



Pretty impressive stuff.  Love the Infinity pool in Amalfi.

Next holiday perhaps.  Still I prefer skiing.  Recently came back from this luxury ski chalet in Klosters.  Think you should do another ski chalet article!

Really the 2nd and 3rd are Bohemian Bourgeois

Caruso Ravello & Sarohin Resort looks like they are Eco-Friendly and Bohemian Bourgeois Lifestyle new generation travel resorts.

What about the one in Vegas?

There is a suite in Vegas called I think the Playboy suite that their pool protrudes right from your room just like the hotel in Texas, Oral B PC 5000!  Amazing!

Hotel Caruso

I was at Hotel Caruso a while ago and yes, the pool is gorgeous.  The hotel however was less than impressive. The rooms had so much potential but the decor failed them miserably.  I have a full review of it plus Hotel Ravello, a hotel next door at Bombastic Life - http://www.bombasticlife.com/place/italy/ravello/

Gap Year Charlie says...

Not so sure about the plexiglass pool of death in Texas. What if it breaks? I think I will take my gap year elsewhere.

Great pool!

The hotel is great and the pool is amazing! Thanks!

I live in Hollywood, FL and...

I never knew about the W's pool. It'd be a lot of fun until the snow birds come back and you get your big fat juice heads in speedos. I don't know if I could swim at the Dallas pool, I'd be too afraid of the glass breaking and falling 8 stories to my death!


simply amazing!! Dream honeymoon spots!

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Haven Park Resort Pools

#2 in your list has actually been used on a Thomas Cook TV ad I believe. And i've actually been to #4. Pretty good. Last year I actually went to a Haven Holidays 2011 preview park, and for a UK resort, the pool was pretty awesome!

Dream Beach

One of the best ones I've been to is in Bali, on the island of Nusa Lembongan and a liitle beach at the bottom of the island called Dream Beach. The name says it all. A 2 tier infinity pool overloooking a quite white sand beach with clear blue water. Heaven

Wow! So remarkable

These are such cool pools! So fantastic and the waters are so clear. I wish I could go to these places. Cheers!
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Hotel Joule...

My vote has to go for the pool at Hotel Joule as well. My husband and I spent a weekend there over the summer and I don't think we left the pool the entire time we were there -- simply amazing!

-Jen @ Shakeology Review

Hotel Joule

I can vouch for the #1 winner Hotel Joule.  That pool/bar is quite simply amazing.  I went there on an http://www.datecover.com singles party and had the most wonderful time.  Atmosphere is classy, and posh, without being too fake.  Don't worry, just because the pool overlooks the street, it is not dangerous.  People are not up there going crazy.  It is a treat

5 out of 5 stars from me!

it must be great

wow.. what a lovely pool.. It must be great if I have a honeymoon there...


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Amazing pool designs

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Nice pool

I have been to a Haven Holidays and for a UK resort, the pool was pretty great!

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they're all great!

They are all great.There are great ones in greece too! Adidasi 

Sweet pools!

Hotel Caruso Ravello; Amalfi Coast, Italy That would be the best vacation ever That pool is Amazing!


Those pools are all awesome, but I think the Dallas and the Amalfi coast were my favs.

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My job involves a lot of traveling and I've stood in a lot of hotels and I saw a lot of pools. I was most impressed by the European pools, especially the Greek ones. Not only that they were very awesome, but they were also very clean. Of course, I had an embarrassing moment last year: at a 3 star rated hotel, I've found an inflatable pool instead a normal one. They said that they did not have enough money to make a pool, so they choose to buy an inflatable one.

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Clear Bottom

I got the opportunity to work on a ironwork project in California where the client wanted a pool on the 2nd floor.  Only about 25x15, but we framed the base to fit thick square plexiglass panels to see into the pool from below.  There some neat pools out there, and was glad to have the opportunity to be a part of the welding and fabrication.

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Oh Pool...

Wow, really nice pools. I particularly like the roof top one and the Maui one.

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Love the pools

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wow - very nice

I love the infinity pools. Recently I stayed at the romantic grenada hotel Petite Anse - gorgeous!


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Certaily a great collection, will travel to one of the these places some day.


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Hotel Joule

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Awesome Pools!

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Hotel Joule is so dreamlike and amazing!

the number 1 winner deserves to be because the picture is stunning and amazing! Hope to see that place one day.


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Hotel Caruso Ravello

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Palm Desert

Some of the best pools are in Plam Desert, Ca

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Amazing pools at Ft lauterdale
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I love swimming pools!

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One day I want to visit all the hotels on the list haha, would be a fun time. Preferably in summer, however it won't be the case due to locations huh

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Passengers' messages paint a dire picture aboard a cruise ship gone adrift in the Gulf of Mexico


Time to relax in the infinity pool on the Amalfi Coast
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wow super

The pools you showed in your post is stunning, especially the one you listed in Hotel Joule; Dallas, TX

cool pools

these are some very cool pools, would love to visit 1 this summer

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