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Edition Bangkok: It's On, Baby

Where: Bangkok, Thailand
July 22, 2009 at 3:51 PM | by | ()

Edition lives! A website called Architectural Record has announced that the Marriott-Schrager hybrid — which has yet to open a single property — is going to be coming to Bangkok as a component of the forthcoming MahaNakhon tower and plaza.

Inside the 1.6 million-square-foot, $515 million complex will be 200 apartments and a 150-room Edition hotel, as well as "mixed-use public and commercial space." Construction on the tower won't be starting until later this year, so the expected (fairly generous, we think) completion date is going to be in late 2012.

Some deets about the 77-story "centerpiece" tower:

A spiraling incision of “architectural pixels” travels up the building, interrupting the curtain wall to reveal a series of terraces for larger units and shared spaces. This frenetic expression, according to Scheeren, came out of the psyche of Bangkok itself, which he describes as “the most intense and chaotic” of Southeast Asian cities. Throughout the “pixels,” the tower’s conventional glass curtain wall is disintegrated into cubes that will feature a variety of vegetation circling up the building, reflecting what Scheeren calls “the constant struggle between civilization and nature” in the tropical city.

Okay then. Edition is moving, at least. Slowly — very slowly — but surely. Hooray!

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