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W SoBe Introduces 'Entourage' Bungalow

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July 21, 2009 at 11:04 AM | by | ()

We probably all know by now that the type of dude who struts around as though he believes his life is an episode of HBO's "Entourage" is to be avoided as deliberately and as unmistakably as the type of girl who believes her life is an episode of Sex and the City, so perhaps the W South Beach is doing you a favor by restricting access to its grounds: it's going to be full of Vinny/Eric/Drama/Turtle wannabes.

And how do we know this, exactly? Not because the place is scene-y and Miami trendy, but because word on the street is that the hotel is joining forces with HBO to create an "Entourage"-themed bungalow, a three-story, "extra-ritzy" space that comes with a personal driver, an afternoon yacht excursion, a poolside cabana and jet skis, and dinner for four at Solea. Though the place appears to be BYO-Weed (tell your Turtle-esque friend — and also, we're totes just kidding, don't do drugs), it does come with free alcohol from Grey Goose and Heineken, as well as Sony Playstation3 consoles.

Adrian Grenier will be at the property to unveil the bungalow on July 23, a kickoff that will also mark the beginning of a W-wide Entourage campaign: all W's will have an "Entourage Package" (a suite, a bottle of champagne and a DVD set of "Entourage's" most recent season) and an Entourage-on-demand channel that is accessible for free.

The bungalow at W SoBe will be available July 27 to September 27, but no word on price yet — we imagine you probably don't want to know.

Archived Comments:

Entourage Bungalow @ SoBe-Are cute boys included?

I was at the W tonight. I saw Lloyd, Ari Gold/Jeremy Piven's assistant having dinner. Then I heard about the event tomorrow night. Wondering how to get a hold of the PR team. Sounds like a great event to film for http://golivemiami.com


You can actually read my Entourage spec script, "Death of Turtle," while you are there.  It's included with the Bungalow.