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Don't Expect to Check Out W SoBe Without Your Own Room Key

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July 20, 2009 at 9:29 AM | by | ()

The headline of this Miami Herald story echoes our sentiments exactly: W(TF), W SoBe? Are you for real right now, dudes? According to a reader who wrote into the Miami paper, if you're a non-guest venturing over to the just-opened W South Beach for a bit of lunch (or just to check out the scene at the place), you may be met by a (well-dressed, trendy and chic) staffer asking you to peace the F out.

Per the Herald:

one of our readers ventured to the property last week for a little lunch and a look see and was approached by a security guard and asked to leave. According to the reader, non guests of the hotel do not have access to the restaurants, bars and clubs.

An email the reader forwarded to us from the hotel's general manager, Eduardo Fernandez confirms that, saying, "I apologize if you feel that our staff was not courteous to you during while you visited our establishment. Due to the large volume of people coming and going to the beach and attempting to use our hotel and our restrooms, we have implemented a policy limiting the use of the lobby, living room, and pool areas for guests and residents only."

Like, jigga wha? That's pretty lame.

Also, the Herald admits that they "weren't met with any resistance" when they stopped by the property themselves, so this "policy" may have some exceptions — or it may not be enforced 24/7.

So, uh, if you're interested in seeing W SoBe, we guess you have three options: either shell out a few hundred for a room, wait for Mr. Chow to open on August 15th and make a rezzie there, or knock back a few shots of tequila and take your chances.

Archived Comments:

SoBe Common

This is actually fairly common for higher end SoBe hotels.  Same deal at Raleigh, Setai, and other Collins St hotels.  The beach tends to lead right into the pool area -- so to keep out beach riff raff they ask for key cards.  At night, if you enter by lobby (to go to bars etc) the policy isn't usually as strict, because all the beach riff raff has gone home.

Soyth Beach hotel accessability

This is not true. If you walk around and come in the front main entrance of any Sobe hotel you will never have a problem, provided of course that you look presentable(shirts and shoes, no rips or tears).