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Fairmont Butters Up Eco-Conscious Travelers With Grease Program

July 16, 2009 at 11:02 AM | by | ()

Fairmont's got a whole lot of greenin' going on lately, with tons of initiatives (and a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund) to appeal to eco-conscious travelers — and, we suppose, to save the earth and stuff, too.

The newest publicized green initiative outta the planet-friendly hotel chain: their grease recycling program. That is, they're recycling kitchen oils instead of discarding them (some properties have been doing this for a while now). And what are the properties doing with those kitchen oils, you ask?

Here are a few shining (or greasy & glistening, we suppose) examples:

· Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa: Approximately 150 gallons of kitchen grease each quarter is turned into tallow or feed with the help of a local biodiesel firm.
· The Fairmont Scottsdale has partnered with a local firm to "transform leftover oil into fuel for vineyards and other businesses that rely on diesel, generators, forklifts and cars."
· The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise converts their kitchen grease into fuel to power grounds equipment and two resort shuttle buses.
· The Fairmont Banff Springs converts cooking oils to fuel used to operate golf course maintenance equipment.

Kinda sweet, huh? A pretty healthy roster of properties participate in some sort of cooking oil recycling programs across the Fairmont chain, so next time you munch on those room-service french fries of yours, think about the good you're (sorta) doing for the environment instead of the bad stuff you're doing to your body.

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gross. At first I thought that picture was some kind of skin disease. But now that I know it's not, and we're talking about recycling, I'm in.