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Guess Who's Probably Not Allowed at Above Allen or A60?

July 10, 2009 at 12:11 PM | by | ()

Ali Wise, the blonde armcandy to Thompson Hotels' Jason Pomeranc for many years, was arrested the other day for hacking into another blonde's voicemail accounts using some computer software called SpoofCard. No one knows for sure why Wise would be so unwise and hack into this person's voicemail but a few reports speculate that it may have something to do with affairs of the Pomeranian...er....Pomerancian heart.

NY Daily News reports that Wise is "cuckoo" over Pomeranc who she split from late last year but has been reportedly seeing on and off. Sources says she may have used the Spoofcard to hack into his voicemails and emails to find out if he was dating other women. CityFile even reminds us that Pomeranc and co. were victims of a hacking incident last year that remains unsolved.

But apparently, it's not just love that drives Wise to obsession.

The Daily News writes:

Sources say this isn’t the first time that Wise turned to spyware. She allegedly used the software, called SpoofCard, for some time on various other women, including former D&G co-worker Katie May. We contacted May after hearing that Wise had broken into her e-mails and voice-mails — and made a number of harassing phone calls to her.

“No comment,” May said. “But I’m not surprised. Karma’s a bitch.”

While Wise admitted to detectives earlier this week to using Spoofcard to spy on Nina Freudenberger, her lawyer says (predictably) there are two sides to every story. Still, we're gonna go ahead and say that her keycard access to the Thompson Hotels exclusive rooftops — Above Allen and A60--have probably been de-magnetized. Now, she's just like the rest of us plebes!

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not interested

story seems to be jealous girls fighting over boys. guess there is no important news to report. thought jason and ali were the golden couple. i guess what goes up must come down. all these girls fighting over jason and some other dude. and the press sensationalizing these things saddens me. heard ali was a great girl so i hope there are two sides of the story.


love her. she is hot. so is jason p.