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The Donut-Esque Green Soap at The James is Kinda Genius

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June 3, 2009 at 11:31 AM | by | ()

When it comes to hotel toiletries, making an effort to go green usually means a hotel will nix the whole teensy-bottle thing and opt for more the more eco-friendly option of refillable bulk dispensers. But what that means for us is usually a) a body wash-only situation for those of us who are bar soap enthusiasts and b) no teeny toiletry freebies to stuff into your suitcase. Sad!

The James has a hot solution with this, um, green soap donut thingy. The eco-friendly packaging solves the wrapper-waste issue, we get our bar soap, we have something nice to hold onto while we scrub-a-dub, and, like, let's be real: do we ever really use the whole bar of soap — all the way down into the middle — during a hotel stay? No. No we don't.

This snapshot comes from a writer at PSFK.com, who dug the whole idea, too. Funky. Cool. Eco-friendly. But sadly, it wasn't yet around for our enjoyment when we hit up The James last August.

[Photo: PSFK]

Archived Comments:

Great design!

so many bars of soap end up in the trash after being used once, this is an elegant solution.

Great idea

Saw this soap in my hotel room at a small ski resort here in central PA this past winter and thought it was genius.