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Surprisingly, Hotel Guests Are Willing to Drop Big Bucks on Sexy Toys

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June 18, 2009 at 12:59 PM | by | ()

Would you be willing to drop dough on some super-expensive sexytime hotel amenities before you dropped trou for your super-sweet-sexytime? We've asked you this question a few times before — and, frankly, barring some sort of heat-of-the-moment emergency, we're not so sure we would drop some major dough to dig into a fancy-schmancy hotel's sex kit. We've discussed this before.

But there are people out there who, it seems, are willing to fork over a bunch of money for the activities that precede spooning sessions (see what we did there?): the Bryant Park Hotel Twitter reports:

One of our guests last night purchased $1,975 from our pleasure chest sex toy menu- WOW

Yes, that would be the Pleasure Chest menu that we are oh-so-familiar with.

So maybe we'll back off on our ranty-rants about those expensive sex kits (we did once say that a $195 sex kit should contain birth control pills, after all). Someone's spending the money to enhance their private life.

Er, and then that private life ends up as a post on HC.

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Time to Tease

One of our newest hotels- the Roomers Hotel in Frankfurt has similar products from a brand called "Time to Tease."  As Pamela Anderson was a recent guest, we are curious if this has affected their in-room "toy" sales...



christ. imagine the pressure.