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The HotelChatter Diva Tracker: Mariah, Beyonce and Madge

June 12, 2009 at 10:17 AM | by | ()

Mariah arrives at the Dorchester.

If you were a pop-star diva a la Madonna and could, ostensibly, spend nights in any hotel in the whole entire world, where would you go? The Seasons? The Ritz? We'd guess old-school, Sean-Penn-era Madge would probably hit up The Standard NYC with all its public sexytime craziness — and, oh, wait, this just in: rumor has it she's there right now.

The Stan D'Arde Twitter spread some hot goss on the Internet this morning: "Madonna is @StandardNY. Shhhhhhh." Yes, yes. We'll be quiet about it when we're skulking around the High Line this evening.

In other diva news, a staggering number of headlines this week have been something about Beyonce being a diva (um, duh, she has a song in which half the lyrics are actually "I'm a D-Diva" — this should be news to exactly no one)

Reportedly, she needed a bit of assistance getting to her shopping destination from her London Hotel, the Mandarin Oriental in Hyde Park. She wanted to go to Harvey Nichols and, according to the NY Daily News, Beyonce "took two vehicles full of bodyguards and personal assistants to drive down the road and make a U-turn in order to be dropped off in front of the store." Oh: we should mention the store was like 45 feet away from the hotel. Ha! Awesome.

Elsewhere in London, the Daily Mail is sorta giving Mariah Carey crap for the amount of luggage she arrived to the Dorchester Hotel with today. Total number of suitcases? Twenty three. Ha. Nice.

[Photo: Daily Mail]

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